Designing the Learning Experience


"Technology Design Specialists partner with our community of learners to design blended learning that elevates individual breakthroughs, collaborative experiences, and positive classroom culture."

A team of Technology Design Specialists (TDSs) empowers teachers to be designers of learning experiences. Technology Design Specialists help teachers set goals and work with them in their classrooms. Through collaboration and peer support, teachers are encouraged to try new strategies and build on existing innovation successes. This method connects teachers on campuses and throughout the district.

Technology Design Specialists work with teachers to:

  • design technology rich learning experiences for students;
  • co-teach, observe, or support the launch of the design;
  • examine student experience by analyzing data, student work, and student engagement;
  • debrief learning experiences, reflect, and iterate ideas; and
  • share their learning with colleagues across the district and beyond.

Philosophy and Support

Technology itself does not transform the learning; a transformative use of technology begins with transformative teaching practices. Technology becomes part of the teaching ecosystem, not an extra layer added to it.  A transformative use of technology means more than simply using technology for technology's sake, more than just passive content consumption or practicing skills on educational apps.  The transformative use of technology will help bring the Austin ISD theory of change to life.