An Introduction to Blend

Blend (Canvas) is a learning positioning system that allows teachers to provide instructional support, class calendars, assignments and resources for all students in a safe online environment.

Blend is the official online starting point for all K-12 students. Teachers will share important class information, assignments and other digital resources through Blend.

Blend Parent Tour

What would a parent see in Blend?

The Parent Cloud account provides Observer access to the child’s Blend courses. What does that look like? The AISD Blend Parent Tour provides that information and some video demonstrations in both English and Spanish.

Blend Parent Tour   Blend - Orientación para padres

How does a parent set up their BLEND account?

View the Parent 1-Pager ( English and Spanish)

Getting Started with Blend   Iniciando con Blend


Video Demonstrations for Multilingual Users of Blend

This collection of multilingual videos demonstrates how parents can login to BLEND: