Emergency Management


To protect students, staff, visitors, and property by coordinating, collaborating, and integrating activities which allow us to better mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters or emergencies occurring in our District. 




To educate students, parents, and staff about their ongoing role in preparing for emergencies through education, drills, training, and exercises.  By creating a culture of preparedness, AISD EM looks forward to reinforcing relationships and interdepartmental communications throughout the district.  






  • Visitor screening through the Raptor Technologies system
  • Requiring identification from all visitors who enter the school 
  • Training staff and students on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP)
  • Training staff and students to be situationally aware and to report any safety concerns
  • Conducting Safety and Security Audits per Texas Education Code requirements


Preparedness Activities

  • District and campus emergency operations plans 
  • Coordination with local, state, and federal authorities and first responders
  • Coordination with regional school partners
  • Mutual Aid Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding to support collaborative efforts
  • Drills and exercises to train staff and students on proper emergency response actions


Response Actions

  • The use of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Effective public notification systems
  • Application of the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and the Standard Reunification Method (SRM)  
  • Collaboration with local and state response agencies
  • AISD Police Department and 24/7 Police Dispatch team to monitor all campuses and facilities

Recovery Efforts 

  • A District Wide Continuity of Operations Plan 
  • Crisis counseling and mental health support teams for staff and students
  • Reunification of students, staff, and parents
  • Plans to resume school support services such as food services, transportation, health services, and remote learning options
  • District wide collaboration to quickly restore facilities and campuses to resume operations after an incident