Austin ISD Plans

Austin ISD Long-range Planning

In April 2023, the Board of Trustees signed a resolution acknowledging the importance of the Long-range Plan (LRP). This plan, developed through the Equity by Design process, marks a significant step in addressing the needs of historically underserved communities. The LRP has been designed as a comprehensive, iterative plan to guide the improvement of facility conditions and programmatic practices and is to be updated every five years.

Within the LRP is a prioritized list of over 60 goals and 400 strategies, which have been divided into operational and bond-funded strategies.

The 2022 bond program and future bond initiatives will facilitate the implementation of bond-funded strategies.

The execution of these operational strategies may impact the annual Maintenance and Operations (M&O) budget, and may also involve changes to district policies and practices.

The implementation process engages every district department through Strategic Implementation Planning Teams (SIPTs). These teams are entrusted with the task of overseeing the execution of goals outlined in the LRP.

Currently,  we are in the Planning  Phase of implementation (Nov. 2023-Aug 2024).  The goal of this stage is to create a baseline report to provide accountability and transparency to capture the starting point against which progress and success will be measured.

Implementation Mission

To implement a process that:

  • incorporates equity tools into action plans;
  • streamlines district planning efforts; and
  • creates a smooth transition for updating the AISD Long-range Plan starting in 2026 and years to come.

Implementation Vision

To build a process that:

  • addresses the problem statements and achieves the goals; 
  • aligns with other ongoing and future district plans and initiatives; 
  • promotes cross-departmental collaboration (breaking down silos) to create measurable action plans for goals; and
  • provides transparency of the implementation process through periodic reports and meetings with existing district committees.


Contact Information:
Assistant Director of Planning 
Abigail Weiss, AICP