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New and Current Year Registration

Students can still register for the current year, 2023-24. For the 2024-25 school year, Austin ISD's new enrollment system makes registration easier with a more accessible, equitable, and transparent process. Students can enroll early to gain a seat in special programs with more program options. Enroll now to "Find Your Seat" the 2024-25 school year! For assistance, call 512-414-SEAT (7328) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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Registration for 2024-25 School Year

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Registration for 2023-24 School Year

Students can still register for the current school year, 2023-24.

2024-25 Enrollment Process and FAQS

What is Enroll Austin?

Enroll Austin is the new unified enrollment system families will now use to register in Austin ISD for the 2024-25 school year. It will replace the following systems into one streamlined application system: Online Registration, Online Student Transfer Request, Common Application, Pre-K application.

When will it launch?

Austin ISD will launch the new enrollment application system in early November. Please refer to our 2023-24 Enrollment Dates and Deadlines document for important dates. 

Why is Austin ISD launching a new enrollment system?

The new enrollment system enhances the registration experience for families by: 

  • Saving time.
  • Understanding school options and easily accessing them.
  • Feeling supported by the district.

The system will make registration and enrollment more accessible, equitable and transparent.

How do families register online?

Families can visit and click “Start your application.” Current Austin ISD families will enter the same email they use to access the parent portal and will be directed to login to the Austin ISD Parent Portal. 

Families who have never accessed any Austin ISD systems will enter their preferred email. The system will recognize that the email does not yet exist in the system and will direct you to the Create Account page.

Do existing Austin ISD families have to re-enter their student’s information?

Current information will be pre-populated in the new enrollment system. Families will need to provide updated documentation for any information that has changed, such as home address. 

Do families have to register online?

Yes. The district can no longer process paper registration forms. Families can contact their campus for support or attend a districtwide enrollment event for assistance with applying online.

How can families find out what programs are available at a school?

Information about all Austin ISD programs can be found in the new School Finder tool. The new enrollment system will list all programs to which students can apply. For more details about a specific program, families may contact the school directly.

May families visit the campuses they’re considering?

Yes. Families may contact schools to ask about a campus tour or visit before applying to their programs. Families can also learn more about the campuses their student is interested in through the School Finder tool. 

How do families find their neighborhood school?

Families can visit the School Finder and enter their home address. This tool will provide a list of the neighborhood elementary, middle and high schools.

When do families register for the new school year?

Registration for the following year will open in early November. The registration process will be divided into two periods: 

  • Priority registration (November–February) 
  • General registration (April through summer). 

Families can register for the neighborhood school they have been attending, or apply for a new school and/or an application-based program during both registration periods. 

Please note: Some application-based programs are only available during priority registration.

When can families apply to application-based programs or to transfer schools?

Families can apply to application-based programs or request a transfer during both registration periods; however, the following programs only accept applications during priority registration:

  • Kealing Magnet Program
  • LASA High School
  • Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders
  • McCallum and Lamar Fine Arts Academies
  • Small Green Tech Academy Program

Please note: To be considered for an application-based program, all required application materials—such as auditions, essays, teacher recommendations, interviews, etc.—must be completed by Feb. 6. These requirements will be listed in the “Next Steps” tab once families have submitted their application. Families should work with campuses directly to ensure their students are able to complete the process by school-specific deadlines.

When can families apply for Pre-K?

Families can apply for Pre-K during Priority Registration or General Registration. It is highly recommended that families register for Pre-K during Priority Registration to hold your child’s seat until enrollment documents are reviewed in April. 

What are the benefits of applying during priority registration?

As mentioned above, some programs only accept applications during Priority Registration. Additionally, seats at many of our schools are limited. Families who register during the priority period are more likely to secure a seat at their desired campus, Pre-K or application-based program.

Does applying earlier in the Priority Registration period increase my chances of being accepted in my preferred school or program?

There is no preference given to an application submitted earlier than another application within Priority Registration.

Does applying earlier in the General Registration period increase my chances of being accepted in my preferred school or program?

Yes. Applications submitted during General Registration will be processed in the order they are submitted. Students applying to transfer schools or to an application-based program during General Registration will receive their results on a rolling basis.

When will families receive registration confirmation if they choose their neighborhood school?

Families who register for their neighborhood school are automatically accepted; however, families must complete annual forms for each student to confirm their seat.

When will families receive registration confirmation for transfer requests and application-based programs? 

Students applying for transfers or to application-based programs during priority registration will receive their results March 5, 2024. Families must complete annual forms for each child by March 26 to confirm their seat.

Students applying to transfer schools or to an application-based program during general registration will receive their results on a rolling basis. Once they receive an offer, families must accept their seat within 14 days. The offer will expire after 14 days.

When will families receive registration confirmation for Pre-K applications?

Families who apply for Pre-K programs during Priority Registration will receive their seat assignment on March 5. All families will need to upload required documentation beginning April 1. Your seat assignment in the Pre-K program is not considered final until all documents have been submitted and verified. Verification will happen on a rolling basis.

Families who apply for Pre-K during General Registration will receive their seat assignment on a rolling basis. Seat assignment is contingent upon successful verification of all required documents. 

It is highly recommended that families register for Pre-K during Priority Registration to hold your child’s seat until enrollment documents are reviewed in April. 

How do students rank their school choices?

Students who are considering more than one school option may rank their preferences when they register. This can be any combination of school transfers or application-based programs. In early March, we will run an assignment process that seeks to assign each applicant to their highest ranked school or program based on eligibility and availability of seats. 

Why am I being asked to rank my school choices?

Our goal is for all families to get into the schools that best suit their children’s needs and interests. In order to do this efficiently and equitably, we need to know how families rank their school and program preferences. We match that information with certain criteria, such as school capacity, eligibility and other priority categories (sibling transfers, tracking transfers, etc.) to maximize the number of students we can accept into their top choice. This helps ensure we are providing equitable access to our academic programs and transfer schools. 

How many application-based programs or campuses may students apply to? 

Students may apply to a maximum of seven programs or campuses.

Do all schools have the same application requirements?

No. Application requirements may vary. The “Next Steps” section of the application provides details for programs that have specific admissions requirements, such as an audition or an essay. 

What if I change my mind about the way I ranked my school choices?

During priority registration, families may go back into the system and update their school rankings without affecting their chances of acceptance; however, after the February 6 deadline, your ranking order is final. During general registration, if you would like to submit another application for consideration you can submit another application. Please note that if you are currently on a waitlist, you will be unable to re-apply to that program as your application is already in consideration.

What if a student doesn’t get into any of the schools they ranked?

It is possible for a student to be waitlisted at all of their choices, in which case they are guaranteed a seat at their neighborhood school.

Can a student be accepted into more than one school? 

No. Students can only have a confirmed seat at one school at a time. If a student gets into their highest ranked choice, they will not be considered for placement at lower ranked programs. For example, if a student applies to six programs and they are offered a seat at their third highest ranked program, they will not be considered for programs they ranked four, five and six and will be placed on waitlist for higher ranked schools or programs to which they are eligible.

What annual forms will I need to complete to confirm my seat?

Annual forms include:

  • Income verification
  • Proof of residence
  • Foster/military status
  • Health information
  • Migratory employment
  • Additional Student Information
  • Consent
  • Student Residency
  • Information Forms

What documents should I have ready to complete my annual forms?

All families enrolling in Austin ISD will need to submit the following documents:

  • Child’s immunization records (each year as updated)
  • Parent/Guardian photo ID (if updated)
  • Proof of guardianship (if applicable/updated)
  • Proof of residency (each year. This can only be a current, within 45 days, electric bill, gas bill, lease or mortgage statement, property should be homestead)

Additionally, families enrolling for the first time will need to provide the following documents:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s immunization records
  • Child’s social security card (optional)
  • Child’s withdrawal form/last report card (if applicable)
  • Parent/Guardian photo ID
  • Proof of guardianship (if applicable)
  • Proof of residency (This can only be a current, within 45 days, electric bill, gas bill, lease or mortgage statement, property should be homestead)

What documents will I need to apply for tuition-free Pre-K?

Families who qualify for eligibility-based free Pre-K will be asked to provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of Income: Most recent pay stub or unemployment statement, worker's compensation, disability payment, or no income statement
  • SNAP, TANF, or Medicaid Benefits: Most recent proof of benefits to include effective dates, case number, and child's name
  • Military Service: Statement of Service, Letter from Veterans Affairs stating eligibility for disability or Letter from Commanding Officer. Do NOT upload copies of Department of Defense identification
  • Foster Care: DFPS Verification Letter of PreK Eligibility or other documentation of foster care.
  • Star of Texas Award: Certificate or Letter from Governor or state representative

Please note:  The Texas Education Agency does not allow school districts to begin processing Pre-K documentation until April 1. Families who register prior to April 1 will need to wait till April 1 to submit their documentation.

When do families complete their child’s annual forms? 

Families can fill out their child’s annual forms after their child’s seat is confirmed at a campus. If a student is registering for their neighborhood school or intends to enroll at a school they’ve already been attending, families can complete annual forms immediately after they submit their enrollment application. 

Families submitting applications for special programs or requesting transfers may complete annual forms once their student’s seat is confirmed at their new school.

How do families submit the required documents needed to finalize their child’s annual forms?

The fastest way to submit annual forms is to upload documents directly into the enrollment system. Families can also hand-deliver the documents to their child’s campus.