Finances at Austin ISD

Austin ISD is committed to maintaining a transparent budgeting process. The budget is driven by the AISD strategic plan, which is the product of genuine consensus‐building and embodies the vision of our community. The AISD board of trustees established a policy that requires the district to maintain a minimum of 20 percent of operating expenditures in its general fund balance, which is also a driving factor in the budgeting process.

AISD has earned the highest ratings for budget management from Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings. AISD also carries the highest bond and state financial accountability ratings that school districts can earn in the state of Texas.

Maintaining transparency about the AISD budget includes providing financial information to the public. On this site, you will find a host of resources, including data on district revenues, expenditures, tax rates, cost drivers and comparative data with other school districts.

Advisory Bodies

The Budget and Finance Advisory Committee provides guidance and counsel to Austin ISD administration. Learn more about BFAC.

The Budget Stabilization Task Force is a key component of the district’s strategy to address its growing budget deficit. The ad hoc advisory body will meet every two weeks over the summer and into the fall to explore a broad range of actions the district could take to balance the budget in the next two to three years. Learn more about BSTF.

Charts on Revenue and Expenditures

Revenue Comparison Over Five Years

The chart below shows that the majority of AISD's revenue comes from local tax dollars. Local revenue has increased 60 percent from June 2015 to the Adopted FY2018–19 budget. 

Revenue Per Student Over Five Years

Student enrollment has been declining over the years with a significant drop between the Adopted FY2017–18 and FY2018–19 budgets.  Despite student enrollment declining, revenue per student continues to climb with local revenue dollars driving the increase.

Expenditures by Object Over Five Years

In the five years shown, recapture payments have more than tripled. AISD anticipates this number will continue to grow each year for the next few years.

Expenditures Per Student Over Five Years

Student enrollment has been declining with a significant drop between the Adopted FY2017-18 and FY2018-19 budgets. Despite student enrollment declining, expenditures per student continue to climb with recapture payments driving the increase.