FY 2023-24 Budget

June 23, 2023

Austin ISD Board Adopts a $1.86 Billion General Fund Budget

The Austin ISD Board of Trustees, at its June 22nd Regular Voting Meeting, approved the adoption of the Fiscal Year 2024 General Fund Budget of $1.86 billion.

The Adopted Budget includes a number of investments to support student learning and staff, including:

    • $4 per hour flat raise for all classified employees, bringing the minimum hourly rate to $20/hour
    • 7% increase for Teachers, Librarians, Counselors, Instructional Coaches, and other Special Education-related services
    • 5% increase for Administrative Professionals AP1–AP12 (up to high school principals and directors) and 3% increase for AP13–16 (executive directors and above) based on midpoint
    • 20% increased based salary for Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSPs) and Ed Diagnosticians
    • Increased stipends for Bilingual and Special Education staff to $7,000 each, with an expansion of which positions qualify
    • $3500 Bilingual Stipends for other qualifying positions
  • $15 million related to additional campus staffing, including: Athletic Trainers, Counselors, Assistant Principals, Essential Area Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Teachers, and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSPs).
  • $1.7 million for the reinstatement of AISD’s Research & Evaluation Department, an Ombudsman position, and the expansion of the Literacy First program.

The adopted budget also includes an estimated decrease in the overall tax rate by 7 cents due to current state funding and property tax relief calculations as a result of an estimated 14 percent growth in overall taxable property values.

The district is estimated to send $940 million back to the state in the form of recapture in FY2024 - an increase of $94.6 million from FY2023 adopted budget. The anticipated increase is based on an estimated property tax values growth, as well as the loss of enrollment.

The adopted budget includes the use of $52.2 million of reserves, after the use of $19.6 million ESSER fund reimbursements for COVID related expenditures.