About Us

About Us

The Austin ISD Budget and Finance Department is led by the chief of business and operations, who oversees the day-to-day financial operations and is responsible for the overall fiscal condition of the district. The CBO oversees the implementation and consistent application of sound management practices and controls, including transparent financial reporting and analysis, cash flow, debt management, the procurement process, payroll, risk management and managing and monitoring the budget. The CBO also oversees the construction management, food services and transportation departments.

Financial and Budget Services, including the comptroller and treasurer, prepares budget information, financial data and fiscal reports for the public, superintendent, board of trustees and the citizens budget review committee, as well as schools, city, county and state fiscal authorities.

The Risk Management Department reviews risks associated with the operation of the district, recommends ways to minimize losses and handle any claims for damages. This department is responsible for administration of the insurance funds and excess insurance policies for workers’ compensation, general liability, crime and property damage to buildings and equipment.

Medicaid and student billing finance personnel seek reimbursement from the federal government's Medicaid program for health-related services that school personnel, such as nurses and speech therapists, provide to students who are eligible for Medicaid benefits.

The mission of the Office of Facilities is to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of districtwide maintenance and planning services which impacts all AISD students, teachers and staff.

The Construction Management Department is responsible for the daily management of all large capital construction projects. The majority of this work is associated with bond programs that have been approved by the voters and delegated by the board and superintendent to the department for implementation.

Contract and Procurement Services establishes and administers districtwide contracts for goods and services; reviews purchase requests for compliance with state laws, board policy and administrative regulations; issues purchase orders for equipment and services requested by schools and departments; acts as a supplier liaison and provides guidance and training related to purchasing.

The Food Services Department supports the academic achievement of students by providing nutritious, appetizing meals that support health, well-being and learning.

The Transportation Department strives to provide safe, reliable and professional transportation services for our students according to the parameters set forth by the district's policy and in adherence to applicable state and federal laws.

Fund Types

Austin ISD's budget is organized into the following fund categories:

General Fund
The General Fund is used to pay for salaries and benefits, classroom resources, keeping schools clean and landscapes maintained, transporting students, paying utility bills, providing clerical and administrative support—all the things a school needs when it opens its doors.

Food Service Fund
The Food Service Fund is used for the operation of the district’s food service program.

Debt Service Fund
The Debt Service Fund is used to pay off bonds previously approved by district voters or building construction and renovation.

Special Revenue Fund
The Special Revenue Fund is used to account for the proceeds of specific revenue sources such as federal categorical, state or locally financed programs where unused balances are returned to the grant. These funds are tied to specific programmatic deliverables and expenditure restrictions.