Historically Underutilized Business

Advancing Equity in Contracting

Austin ISD promotes and strongly encourages the involvement and participation of Historically Underutilized Businesses. AISD is committed to providing a diverse array of opportunities to minority- and women-owned businesses for District-wide procurements. AISD conducted a community engagement process to develop a formal HUB program based on the disparity study the board of trustees accepted in February 2016. The board of trustees adopted the formal HUB program in August 2016. Phase One of this program was implemented for construction and related professional services on November 15, 2016. Phase Two of this program was implemented districtwide, including commodities and other services, on September 1, 2018.

Austin ISD Board of Trustees Approves the Removal of Commodities and Non-Professional Services

Austin ISD HUB Program Department: Effective April 22, 2019,  The Board of Trustees approved the removal of Commodities and Non-Professional Services that are not bond funded, from the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program. 

Please reference the revised CH & CV (LOCAL) policies on this page, that were adopted by the Board of Trustees on June 18, 2018; amended on April 22, 2019. If you have any further questions regarding the change to the HUB Program, please contact the HUB main office at 512-414-3120 for any inquiries.

The Austin ISD HUB Program Department provides:

  • A race and gender-conscious process designed to encourage greater MBE/WBE availability.
  • A program that encourages participation in all phases of procurement.
  • Opportunities for HUB’s to broaden and enhance their capacities to do business with the District.

Annual Aspirational HUB Goals

Ethnic Goals

Historically Underutilized Business Construction Professional Services
African American 1.7% 1.9%
Asian/Native American 1.9% 7.4%
Hispanic 8.1% 9.4%
Female (WBE) 10.2% 9.8%

Aggregate Goals

Historically Underutilized Business Construction Professional Services
Minority (MBE) 11.7% 18.7%
Female (WBE) 10.2% 9.8%
Total (MBE & WBE) 21.9 28.5
NOTE: MBE total is cumulative of all ethnicities (AA,A/NA and H); WBE is not included in this total. Goals are derived from the 2016 Disparity Study data.

We Encourage Feedback

To provide feedback about the AISD HUB Program, or for outreach assistance or program guideline training, email HUBprogram@austinisd.org or call (512) 414-3120.