Dedicated to working together for quality purchases for the District

The Austin Independent School District's Office of Contract and Procurement works with schools, departments, vendors and stakeholders to provide goods and services of the highest quality and best value for the District. We are dedicated to meeting our goal through competitive pricing while adhering to relevant laws, Board rules, policies and procedures. 

Procurement Teams

Krystal Frank 

Executive Director

Mitze Ruiz

PCard Specialist

Mason Crenshaw


Lorena McBee

Coordinator Procurement Systems





Rodolfo Gonzalez

Procurement Assistant


Anita Muscarella

Coordinator Procurement Services


Procurement Specialist




Academic Programs

The Instructional Procurement Team procures goods and services that support a variety of academic programs for students, teachers and administrative staff, including instructional materials for all core curriculum areas such as:

  • Early Childhood
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Fine Arts (Musical, Visual, Performing)
  • Bilingual / English Language Learners
  • Response to Intervention
  • Career & Technical Education
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Youth & Family Enrichment
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Athletics
  • Creative Learning Initiatives (CLI)

Classroom and Facility

The team procures goods and services that are typically used inside the classroom. A classroom can include traditional campus classrooms as well as music rooms, gymnasiums, athletic facilities, etc. Examples of items procured by this team include

  • Agendas
  • Library Furniture, Equipment, Materials  & Supplies
  • Art Supplies & Equipment
  • Musical Instruments & Equipment
  • Books, Periodicals & Audio/Visual Materials
  • Nurse and First Aid Supplies & Equipment
  • Classroom & paper supplies
  • Office supplies & Copy Paper
  • Graduation Products & Services
  • PE supplies & equipment
  • Instructional Learning Aids
  • Uniforms (Band, Choral, Dance, Drill, Mascot)


The Instructional Procurement Team also works closely with the Office of Academics and Social and Emotional Learning and the Office of School Leadership to streamline the contracting process in procuring the following services for campuses and departments:

  • Assessment and Student Progress Monitoring
  • Professional Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Family Resource and Student Counseling Centers
  • Special Education Services
  • Fine Arts & Creative Learning Partnerships
  • Tutoring Services
  • Health & Wellness
  • Youth & Family Enrichment Out of School Time Programming
  • Library Media Services

Brenda Dalton

Coordinator Procurement Services

Laura Bradshaw

Procurement Specialist



The Technology Procurement Team is responsible for creating and maintaining strategic vendor relationships and supply agreements with technology vendors.This includes hardware, software and peripherals.They work closely with various departments in Technology to ensure the products are compatible with theAISD network environment and provide the functionality necessary in the education environment.

The Technology Procurement Team is also the designated purchasing team for both GAATN and  E-rate funded projects. All formal Bids and RFPs for these projects are issued through our office by the technology team. Although Austin ISD issues all formal solicitations for GAATN projects, final approval to award a GAATN funded contract is made by the GAATN Board of Trustees.

GAATN provides fiber optic connections to member agencies in order to offer expanded communication services for each of the GAATN participants. This includes the capability for the delivery of data, voice, and video services across the entire Austin Metropolitan area. Every AISD campus is connected to the GAATN network. The AISD Contract and Procurement Services office has been appointed the purchasing agent for GAATN. Formal GAATN solicitations come through our office and if a GAATN procurement requires Board approval, it does not go before the Austin Independent School District Board, it goes directly to the GAATN Board.

GAATN Member Agencies include:

  • Austin Independent School District
  • Austin Community College
  • Lower Colorado River Authority
  • City of Austin
  • Travis County
  • The State of Texas represented by the Department of Information Resources
  • University of Texas at Austin

For more information please visit the GAATN Website.

E-Rate is a discount program provided by the Federal Government and funded by telecommunications providers that helps supply schools and libraries with the latest technology pursuant to Section 254(h) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Since 2007 we have received $20.7 million in E-Rate funding for the implementation and maintenance of Internet services, telephone services, and network hardware to provide our classrooms with the latest technology services.

The AISD Contract and Procurement Services office has been appointed the purchasing agent for E-Rate. Formal E-Rate bids and solicitations come through our office and are processed by the technology purchasing team.
For more information please visit the E-Rate website.


Coordinator Procurement Services

David Martinez-Gutierrez

Procurement Specialist



The Business and Operations Procurement Team secures goods and services associated with maintenance, transportation and the day to day operations of all AISD facilities. This commodity includes items ranging from vehicles to janitorial supplies. They work closely with the AISD warehouse to ensure certain items are stocked and available to campuses regularly. Operations also procures services such as asbestos testing and abatement and charter bus rental.

The operations team has been working since 2011 on a classroom furniture refresh project and have replaced the classroom furniture in several elementary schools throughout the District. Many of our students are now using updated furniture that is conducive to a positive and progressive learning environment.

Krystal Frank 

Executive Director

Camille Falgout

Coordinator Contract Management Construction
512-414-1700 x 59506

Joycie Adeyemi 



Trejouir Wilson

Senior Procurement Specialist


512-414-1700 x24075

Alicia Carson

Coordinator Procurement Services




Cassandra Alvarez

Coordinator Procurement Services





Lorrie Martinez

Procurement Specialist
512-414-1700 x54104



Kelly Stacy

Procurement Specialist
512-414-1700 x54277



Caroline Juarez


Ludy Garcia

Procurement Assistant


Jewel Amberger

Procurement Specialist

The Nutrition & Food Services Procurement Team is responsible for purchasing all goods and services for the Nutrition & Food Services department. In addition to following the federal laws and district procurement policies, Food Services Procurement follows the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Administrative Reference Manual, Section 17.

Nutrition & Food Services has adopted the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP) as a district regulation. The goal of GFPP is to improve regional food systems by utilizing meaningful purchasing standards in five key categories: 1. Local Economies 2. Environmental Sustainability 3. Valued Workforce 4. Animal Welfare and 5. Nutrition.

Through a partnership with the Life Time Foundation, Nutrition & Food Services is committed to providing foods with the highest quality ingredients. AISD is dedicated to creating menus free from the Life Time Foundation's Harmful 7.

Legal Authority & Policy

Austin Independent School District follows the Texas Education Purchasing Code 44.031. Contract and Procurement Services is responsible for ensuring that goods and services are acquired in accordance with this code. AISD follows State, local and District policies to ensure the District is receiving best value while meeting quality requirements.

For further information visit the Texas Education Code 

For District Purchasing Policy and Procedure please visit the Board Policy site.

Purchase Order Standard Terms and Conditions

Open Records Requests

The Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, requires Austin ISD to provide our records upon request. All requests should be made through the Office of the Superintendent.

Please visit our Texas Public Information Act page for more information and instructions on how to request AISD records.