Vendor Information

Visiting Guidelines for Vendors

There are times when some vendors contact the schools and departments directly. Although we don't prefer this practice, we ask that all vendors respect the school environment by following these guidelines. GKC (Regulation).

Please submit a copy of the Application for Vendors Sales Permit to Contact School Personnel to Contract and Procurement Services office at 4000 S. IH 35 Frontage, 7th Floor, Austin, TX 78704. This permit is valid for only one year and must be renewed annually to continue contacting campuses.

Contacting Board Members

Per District Policy vendors shall not contact Board members individually for the purpose of soliciting a purchase or contract between the time a request for proposal or a bid is formally released and a recommendation is made by the administration to the Board. If a vendor violates this prohibition during this time frame, consideration of the vendor for award shall be invalidated. Board members shall be notified of possible violations and actions taken. All requests for the proposal and bid invitations shall include a copy of this policy. District policy CHE (local).

Public Information Request

Bids which have opened and purchase orders which indicate the price of supplies, materials, equipment, or services are available under the Texas Public Information Act by making a written request to the Public Information Officer. Requests must specify Purchase Order Number or Bid Invitation Number. RFP information is available only after an award is made or a contract is signed.

The Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, requires Austin ISD to provide our records upon request.  All requests should be made through the Office of the Superintendent.

Please visit our Texas Public Information Act website for more information and instructions on how to request AISD records.

Tax Status

Austin ISD claims an exemption from taxes under Article 20.04(E) 4&5 for the purchase of tangible personal property. Contact the Procurement Specialist for the District's Federal I.D. number.

Purchase Orders

An official purchase order contains an authorized purchase order number and signature. An Austin ISD Purchase Order or P-Card are the only recognized methods for the purchase of goods or materials obligating the District for payment. 

Delivery of Materials

Purchase Orders issued by the District will specify the appropriate delivery address. Any questions regarding delivery should be directed to Contract and Procurement Office.