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All contracted employees/vendors who will have continuing duties (more than one day) related to contracted services and the duties will be performed on an occupied and/or unoccupied District site, are subject to a national background check review prior to engaging in work for the District. 

For construction management vendors and subcontractors only:

All other contracted employees/vendors are required to follow the District’s national background check vetting process as outlined below:

  1. After a contracted employee/vendor has completed the fingerprint process using the IdentoGO form, the contracting entity must complete an Exhibit C.1/A.1 (EC1) form  and email the form to the District’s Employee Relations at for review.
  2. Once the national background check review is completed, the contracted employee/vendor will need to fill out a Badge Request Form, have it signed by your AISD point of contact, and email the form to the AISD badge department at

All forms needed to complete a national background review may be found on the following links:

If you have questions regarding the national background review, you can contact

If you have questions regarding badges or the badge request form, you can contact