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AISD believes that every Austin ISD student should have the resources to learn and reach their full potential, including digital literacy skills, devices, internet broadband access and/or internet services.


Please know the emergency connectivity funding for hotspots will end on June 30, 2024. This impacts the number of hotspots available and these will be prioritized for specific student programming.

We understand that resources may be needed to assist your child in their learning journey. To explore resources that may assist with internet access, please visit the links below.


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Public Internet Access:


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Home Internet Access:
  • Access from ATT 
    • Low-cost internet program for qualifying families
  • Optimum
    • Offers low-cost internet at $14.99 per month
  • Spectrum Assist
    • Qualified families can apply for low-cost Spectrum internet
  • Texas Law Library
    • List of accessible low-cost internet programs and providers/provides a list of affordable internet options
  • T-mobile Project 10Million
    • Eligible families can apply for free 100 GB of internet per year and free hotspots.
Travis County Resources: