Novice Teacher Mentor Program

The AISD Mentoring Program supports Austin ISD teachers in their first and second year in the teaching profession. The program is designed to positively impact beginning teacher effectiveness through ongoing training and support. AISD mentors serve as emotional support and orient new teachers to their campus and district. By conducting meetings, observing, and providing timely feedback, mentors assist beginning teachers in improving their practice through planning, instruction, content knowledge, and reflection. The Office of Human Capital Employee Development and Sustainability supports AISD mentors by providing ongoing professional learning to help build their strengths as mentors. 

Mentor Program Goals

  • Reflect state requirements and align to Austin ISD Strategic Plan 
  • Develop and retain highly effective teachers within Austin ISD
  • Acclimate beginning teachers to district and campus policies and procedures
  • Increase teacher effectiveness through professional learning and mentoring
  • Encourage professionalism, positive culture, and lifelong learning throughout Austin ISD
  • Build capacity by developing mentor teachers into campus leaders
  • Measure program effectiveness through feedback aligned to program goals
  • Establish procedures and an environment that fosters productive communication


Lead Mentor Teacher Contact

The campus principal will designate an administrator, instructional coach, or mentor to be the Lead Mentor Teacher Contact (LMTC) to oversee mentor selection and match mentors to mentees.


A mentor is a teacher or instructional coach with a minimum of three years of successful teaching experience who works directly with an assigned mentee throughout the year. The mentor will serve as a resource to the mentee and meet regularly with the mentee. Mentors are provided face-to-face professional learning to improve their mentoring practice.


A teacher in their first or second year of their teaching career who is paired with a mentor teacher to learn district and campus policies and procedures and enhance his/her teaching skills for the purpose of strengthening professional capacity and effectiveness.

Mentor Professional Learning

The professional learning for the mentors focuses on exploring the essential components of being a successful mentor. Throughout professional learning sessions, mentors learn how to utilize tools and resources to help support their mentee(s). 


Mentors who are assigned a teacher in the first or second year of their teaching career per AISD Talent Strategy records and meet the stipend requirements may earn a stipend. Mentors will not be compensated for mentoring more than two mentees.

Stipend Requirements:

  • Sign the stipend agreement.
  • Attend one face-to-face Austin ISD mentor professional learning session.
  • Complete, log, and verify one observation of each mentee each semester, two total per mentee.
  • Complete the Middle-of-Year and End-of-Year survey and reflection found in the Mentor Log.