PPfT Compensation Overview


Independent School District, the PPfT Oversight Committee, which consists of teachers, campus administrators, and Education Austin, to design a Human Capital System that blends appraisal, compensation, professional learning, and teacher leadership. 

Austin ISD teacher compensation is unique in that we have developed a local human capital system that includes compensation, which differentiates teacher pay based on overall effectiveness rating, the campus a teacher works on, and any optional professional growth opportunities a teacher chooses to participate in. AISD has incorporated these elements into a system that allows teachers to have ownership of their career development and compensation.

PPfT Compensation is designed to financially incent effective instructional practice and continuous professional growth. PPfT base-salary increases are calculated in addition to any Board approved salary increases or stipends a teacher may be eligible to earn. PPfT Compensation increases are TRS eligible and are calculated as part of a teacher’s highest earning years. 

*For PPfT eligibility, a teacher is defined as staff with a half-time or greater primary teaching assignment.

The Framework

The PPfT Compensation framework builds the teacher’s base salary through a point system. The points are realized as permanent base-salary increases that may be earned annually. Teachers will earn professional points each year. PPfT Compensation points are cumulative and determine the amount of additional base salary increase. Teachers can earn points from five elements: Current Year of Service, Appraisal, Professional Development Units, Leadership Pathways, LP +3, and Leadership Pathway Ambassador.

*All Title 1 campuses who DO NOT qualify for the Enhanced Campus designation will receive the Title 1 Category points.
*All Enhanced Campuses are also Title 1, but they receive the Enhanced Category points. Please see the table below for an Enhanced Campus explanation.

Elements Professional Points Per Year
Current Year of Service 1
Appraisal Standard Title 1 Enhanced
Effective 4 6 8
Highly Effective 7 10 12
Distinguished 10 15 20
PDU (Professional Development Unit) 3
Leadership Pathways

Professional Points (Per 2 Years)

4 Micro-Credentials & Badge 15
LP Plus 3 3
Leadership Pathway Ambassador Stipend-based Leadership Opportunity
PPfT Campus Contact Stipend-based Leadership Opportunity

Base Salary Increases

Every teacher in AISD has an individualized base rate based on when they enter the PPfT system, their annual appraisal rating, their campus type and any optional professional learning or leadership opportunities teachers choose to pursue within the PPfT Human Capital System. When a teacher first enters the PPfT Human Capital System, the teacher's initial base salary is set by their years of experience and the AISD New Hire Teacher Salary Schedule. Once enrolled in PPfT, AISD teachers have the opportunity to earn permanent, base-salary increases outlined on the table below. Points and increases are determined at the end of the school year when final PPfT Appraisal Ratings are calculated. Any base salary increases earned will be added to the teacher’s salary and paid beginning the following year. The amount associated with the points is only earned once, but the base salary increase is permanent as long as the teacher remains staffed in a qualifying teaching position in AISD. 

For more information, please access the Compensation Overview.

Professional Points Base Increase
5 $500
10-300 pt. max. $750 per ea. 10 pt. increment achieved
For each increment of 10 (300 point maximum) there is a $750 increase

Enhanced Compensation Campuses

Enhanced Compensation Campuses are defined as the top 25% of campuses with the highest instructional services index, which takes into account the percentage of economically disadvantaged students, percentage of students served in Bilingual/ESL programs, and the percentage of students served with special education programs. Campuses with an overall F accountability rating and are not in the top 25% will also be included. Enhanced Compensation is designed to provide recruitment and retention support to campuses. All teachers will work on a Standard, Title 1 or Enhanced Compensation Campus.

Please refer to the list of campuses below for the 2023-24 school year designated as enhanced compensation:


  • Andrews Elementary
  • Barrington Elementary 
  • Brown Elementary 
  • Cook Elementary 
  • Galindo Elementary 
  • Guerrero-Thompson Elementary 
  • Harris Elementary 
  • Hart Elementary 
  • Houston Elementary
  • Jaime Padron Elementary
  • Jordan Elementary
  • Langford Elementary
  • McBee Elementary 
  • Overton Elementary 
  • Perez Elementary
  • Pickle Elementary
  • Rodriguez Elementary 
  • Walnut Creek Elementary 
  • Wooldridge Elementary
  • Wooten Elementary


  • Burnet Middle School
  • Dobie Middle School
  • Garcia YMLA
  • Sadler Means YWLA
  • Webb Middle School


  • Eastside EC High School
  • NavarroNavarro EC High School/Navarro GPA Northeast
  • Northeast ECHS/International HS
  • Travis EC High School/Travis GPA

Accountability-Based Campuses

  • Martin Middle School
  • Paredes Middle School
  • Govalle Elementary
  • Oak Springs Elementary
  • Pecan Springs Elementary
  • Winn Montessori

Special Campuses

  • Rosedale High School

Title 1 Campuses

To recognize retention and recruitment efforts on Title 1 campuses specifically, a three tier system, within PPfT Compensation, with Standard, Title 1, and Enhanced points was approved starting in the 2022-2023 school year. 

Campuses designated as Title 1, who do not qualify for the Enhanced Campus status will be eligible for the Title 1 PPfT Compensation Points.

Elementary Title I Campuses

  • Allison
  • Becker*
  • Blackshear
  • Blanton*
  • Blazier*
  • Campbell
  • Casey*
  • Cunningham*
  • Dawson
  • Graham
  • Joslin*
  • Kocurek*
  • Linder
  • Menchaca*
  • Norman-Sims
  • Odom
  • Ortega
  • Palm
  • Pillow
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Reilly*
  • Sanchez
  • St. Elmo
  • Sunset Valley* 
  • Travis Heights
  • Uphaus ECC
  • Widen
  • Williams
  • Zavala

Middle School Title I Campuses

  • Bedichek
  • Covington*
  • Kealing*
  • Lively
  • Marshall

High School Title I Campuses

  • Akins*
  • Crockett*
  • LBJ