District Policies

Austin ISD's district policies are revised as needed to reflect changes in federal or state law, Texas Education Guidelines and local options. Policy online is generally current, however, delays of up to 30 days may occur before newly adopted policies appear.

BE (LOCAL) Policy Update

The board approved the first portion of changes to Policy BE during the December 14, 2020 Regular Voting Meeting. Additional changes were discussed and approved at the May 27, 2021 Regular Board Voting Meeting following a trial run of new changes and allowing for public input.

Additional changes have been discussed through the Fall of 2021, and discussed with the Board during retreats, policy committee meetings in December 2021 and January 2022, and during the February Board Information Session and Regular Voting meeting.

The Board discussed the Policy with AJ Crabill on Tuesday, April 19 and agreed to place the policy on two upcoming meetings for readings in May and June. The Board moved this item to August 2022 for additional discussion and potential vote.

The Austin ISD Board of Trustees is exploring changes to policy BE (LOCAL) and we want to hear from you! 

Tell us what you think!

  1. Public Testimony/General Public Comment
    1. Call to share your thoughts during public testimony at our May 27 voting meeting or during public comment—typically scheduled the second Thursday of the month—by calling 512-414-0130 between 7:45 a.m. and 3 p.m. the day of the meeting. 
    2. Find more information about providing public comment and public testimony at https://www.austinisd.org/board/meetings.

2.    Email the board at trustees@austinisd.org

3.    Feedback form—Visit https://www.austinisd.org/board/input and select “my comments are related to BE (LOCAL) policy changes”

Proposed Policy Changes: BE(LOCAL) 

Below is a comparison of the changes.

Timeline for superintendent to establish agenda items

  • Current policy—The superintendent must submit agenda items seven calendar days before the meeting.
    • Proposed policy—The superintendent must submit agenda items and all legal documents, support materials and presentations 14 calendar days before the meeting.

Timeline for trustees to submit questions regarding agenda items

  • Current policy—Trustees who have questions about an item on the agenda shall submit those questions in writing (no timeline indicated).
    • Proposed policy—Trustees may submit questions to the superintendent up to nine days before the meeting.

Timeline for the superintendent to respond to trustee questions regarding agenda items

  • Current policy—The superintendent provides responses to some trustee questions regarding agenda items. Responses are not posted publicly. 
    • Proposed policy—The superintendent shall provide a Q&A document with responses to questions submitted by trustees at least six days before the meeting.

Consent Agenda Items: Items of a routine and/or recurring nature are grouped together under one action item titled “Consent Agenda” 

  • Current policy—Trustees can pull items from the Consent Agenda for a separate discussion and vote when the Consent Agenda is up for discussion during the board meeting. To do so, a board member may make a motion to remove an item from the consent agenda and shall include an explanation of the reasons for the removal in the motion. If the motion is seconded by another board member, the item shall be removed from the consent agenda for separate discussion and separate vote.
    • Proposed policy—Board members shall submit to the superintendent any “consent” agenda items to be placed on the “items for separate vote” agenda at least four days before the meeting. If at least three board members request that an item be moved from the “consent” agenda to the “item for separate vote” agenda, the Board Services Office shall immediately make the change. This shall be the sole manner and time for moving items from the “consent” agenda to the “items for separate vote” agenda. 

Posting board agendas

  • Current policy—The final board meeting agenda shall be posted 72 hours before the board meeting in accordance with state law.  A draft agenda, without supporting documents, that lists all of the items to be considered at the next board meeting, shall be publicly posted 14 days before the board meeting.
    • Proposed policy—A draft agenda with supporting documents and the Q&A document referenced above shall be publicly posted seven days before the board meeting. The final board meeting agenda shall be posted 72 hours before the board meeting in accordance with state law. During the board meeting, no additional changes to the agenda, including additions to the agenda or removal of items from the consent agenda, shall be permitted during the board meeting.