Employee Effectiveness and Supporting Student Achievement

The Office of Employee Effectiveness oversees the district’s appraisal systems and provides an array of professional development and support to AISD employees. Employee Effectiveness aims to positively impact and support the recruitment, development, and retention of effective teachers and staff members throughout AISD. The Office of Employee Effectiveness supports, develops, and empowers all staff to foster a collaborative and inclusive culture in order to improve instructional practice and positively impact staff and students.

The Office of Employee Effectiveness aims to ensure high-quality, equitable instruction for all students in every AISD classroom. We aim to strengthen staff capacity to provide effective teaching while supporting administrator feedback for growth and development with the goal of increasing student achievement for all.

Appraisal Systems

Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) is a collaboration between Austin ISD, Education Austin and the American Federation of Teachers. PPfT is a Human Capital System that blends appraisal, compensation, professional development, and leadership opportunities for all AISD teachers. PPfT focuses on building the capacity of our teachers through a comprehensive system of supports and rewards with the ultimate goal of growing teachers and students. 

The PPfT Compensation Framework is base-building, which means it adds permanent pay increases to a teacher’s base salary. The framework builds the base salary in a second way through a point system in which teachers earn professional points each year. PPfT Compensation points are cumulative and determine the amount of additional base salary increase. Teachers can earn points from five elements: Current Year of Service, Appraisal, as well as through additional optional opportunities such as Professional Development Units, Leadership Pathways, and Leadership Pathways Plus 1.

Campus Administrator Performance Review is a pathway for campus administrator growth that incorporates multiple measures of effectiveness. CAPR fosters open and collaborative campus cultures that focus on instructional growth and the development of individual and school-wide practices that effectively improve student learning.

The Office of Employee Effectiveness also oversees appraisal systems for all AISD counselors and librarians, as well as classified staff and non-teaching professionals. These appraisals focus on skills such as campus counseling programs, library standards, professionalism, customer service, dependability, communication, and resourcefulness.