Employee Effectiveness and Supporting Student Achievement

The Office of Employee Effectiveness oversees the district’s appraisal systems & evaluations and provides an array of professional development and support to AISD employees. Employee Effectiveness aims to positively impact and support the recruitment, development, and retention of effective teachers and staff members throughout AISD. The Office of Employee Effectiveness supports, develops, and empowers all staff to foster a collaborative and inclusive culture in order to improve instructional practice and positively impact staff and students.

The Office of Employee Effectiveness aims to ensure high-quality, equitable instruction for all students in every AISD classroom. We aim to strengthen staff capacity to provide effective teaching while supporting administrator feedback for growth and development with the goal of increasing student achievement for all.


Appraisal Systems

Listed below are the appraisal systems the Office of Employee Effectiveness supports. To learn more about a system, please click on the system name.

  • Professional Pathways for Teachers
  • Campus Administrator Appraisal System
  • Principal Supervisor Performance Review
  • Librarian Appraisal System
  • Counselor Appraisal System
  • Custodian Appraisal Plan
  • Campus-Based Non-Teaching Professional
  • Central-Based Non-Teaching Professional/Non-Campus Administrator
  • Central and Campus-Based Classified Appraisal Plan

Meet the Team

The Employee Effectiveness Team manages all the appraisals for the district, but they also do so much more!

The team is available to provide support and answers general or specific questions for any Austin ISD appraisal.  They can provide support and resources for meaningful goal-setting, coaching and feedback, and growth and development with the ultimate goal of improving student outcomes.  Additionally, the team creates and maintains many resources to support effective instruction in all AISD classrooms! Staff looking for appraisal resources should visit our internal website. You must log in with your AISD credentials.