Principal Preparation Program (P3)

The Principal Preparation Program (P3) is designed to prepare a select cohort of experienced Austin ISD assistant principals and academy directors to successfully enter the urban principalship. The program provides cohort members the opportunity to gain targeted, timely, and personalized professional learning with a focus on the qualities and skills needed to lead an Austin ISD campus. Course content is aligned to the  AISD Leadership Framework.


  • To prepare current assistant principals and academy directors for the Austin ISD principalship;
  • To facilitate professional growth for participants that positively impacts current and future leadership roles; and
  • To build a cadre of well-prepared urban school leaders who successfully transition into positions as principal. 

Program Components

Professional learning experiences will take various forms, including, but not limited to the following:

Monthly Meetings (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM)

  • Face-to-face professional learning with district leaders and Learning Walks at AISD campuses to observe organizational practices and discuss leadership with current principals.

Coaching Sessions

  • The Talent Development Team offers four coaching sessions per year to all P3 Cohort members. These sessions are designed to enhance each cohort member's skills and competence as a rising instructional leader, talent developer, executive leader and culture builder. 


  • Each cohort member will have the opportunity to provide mentorship to another assistant principal in Austin ISD via learning walks, coaching conversations, and additional campus support.

Leadership Pathways  

  • Each cohort member will collaboratively score Leadership Pathways submissions in the fall and spring. Members will receive specific training for scoring the pathway they select.

AP Performance Screener

  • Cohort members are expected to participate in at least one AP Performance Screener as an assessor. Supporting this work is a valuable learning experience that prepares cohort members for navigating the Principal Performance Screener.

How to Apply for P3

To be considered for the Principal Preparation Program, each applicant must first meet the established criteria to apply. Applicants who are currently on the Principal Highly Qualified list are eligible for automatic admission into the AISD Principal Preparation Program.

Cohort Membership Criteria

In order to be selected for P3, each applicant must meet the following minimum: 

  • Currently hold a position as campus or central office administrator in Austin ISD;
  • Have at least two or more years of service as a campus administrator (including the year of application);
  • Must have a CAPR final summative score of “Effective” or better from the school year preceding the application submission.

Cohort Application Process

All aspiring P3 members must complete the following to be considered to participate in the program.

  • Complete the 2024 - 2025 Principal Preparation Program application;
  • Acquire one Recommendation Form submission from your current Principal or Central Office Supervisor; and 
  • Participate in an interview facilitated by the Leadership Development Team and other district officials.

Additional Information

  • Previous P3 members are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicant submissions are screened by leaders from the Office of Leadership Development and Support.
  • P3 appointments are announced in early June for the upcoming school year.

Selection Process Dates

  • March 22, 2024: Application Window Opens
  • May 3, 2024: Application Window Closes
  • Week of May 13, 2024:  Recommendation Form Sent to Current Principal or Central Office Supervisor
  • Week of May 27, 2024: Virtual Interviews
  • Week of June 3, 2024: Notifications are sent out to 24-25 P3 Cohort Members


Contact: Jessica Lopez,, Coordinator of Talent Development
Contact: Juan Haney,, Coordinator of Talent Development