Attendance Area Boundaries

The creation of new attendance area and changes to attendance area boundaries are conducted through the Boundary Advisory Committee process, and approved by the Board of Trustees.  The BAC has an established process and criteria in which all boundary changes are assessed. School attendance boundary changes may occur when there is an opportunity to assign students from a school that is overcrowded to an adjacent school that has the space to accommodate additional students.  
The BAC process includes:

  • Analysis of data (school capacity, student enrollment and population history and projections, transportation impacts)
  • Significant involvement from school leadership and the Campus Advisory Councils.  
  • Outreach and engagement of the surrounding communities 
  • Presentation of draft attendance area and boundary maps to the public
  • Consideration of modifications to draft maps dependent on community feedback
  • Approval of final boundary by the Board of Trustees
  • Notification to affected families at least one semester in advance of change

Visit the Boundary Advisory Committee’s page for more information on current boundary processes, meeting calendar, meeting agendas and materials, and other resources.


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