Attendance Area Boundaries

Attendance Areas

Austin ISD’s attendance areas (geographic boundaries) for elementary, middle and high schools determine which households are assigned to a particular school. Although students have a home school assignment, the district allows students to transfer to another campus, in accordance with the Student Transfer Policy.

Each October, AISD reviews the annual 10-year demographic report to assess potential areas of population growth and decline, as well as housing trends, to determine if adjustments to attendance areas should be considered. In the past, this work was conducted in conjunction with a district advisory body made up of representatives from throughout the district.

Based on feedback from the most recent boundary change processes, the district is re-evaluating its procedures to change a school attendance boundary. Although details of the new process are still being developed, the district will continue to incorporate community feedback. The Boundary Advisory Committee has been dissolved while staff researches the best approach.

School Feeder Patterns

Feeder patterns show the sequence of schools that students are assigned to from elementary to middle, and from middle to high. Although the goal is to keep students together from one school level to the next school level, schools are sometimes split into multiple feeder schools, often due to available space.  For example, an elementary school may feed into two or more middle schools, or a middle school may feed into two or more high schools.
During boundary change processes, feeder patterns are analyzed concurrently.

2023-24 Feeder Pattern Chart



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