Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a school is available for use?

Search for the school of choice via Facilitron: Rent fields, gyms, theaters and more in Austin (facilitron.com)

How do I begin the facility use process?

Visit the Facility Use page and follow the instructions on submitting an application via Facilitron. Once submitted, the campus principal or principal's designee is authorized to approve or disapprove use of facilities on their campus.

How soon do I have to submit a building use application to the school of choice?

You must submit your application to the school of choice at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of the event.

How will I know if my event has been approved?

Once Planning and Asset Management has received the building use application from the campus, the applicant will be notified via Facilitron of approval or disapproval of the request for use of facilities.  

Do I need to get approval for advertising my event?

The applicant must not make firm plans, advertise activities, or sell tickets to an event prior to receiving written approval for the use of school facilities. [GKD(REGULATION)]

What are the liability insurance guidelines for non-AISD entities?

View and download the Insurance Requirements. If you have questions regarding the specific requirements, please contact the Director of Risk Management Andy Hoffman at 512-414-2295.

When is the facility use payment due?

Payment for an event is due ten (10) days prior to the event. Fees shall be paid directly to the Department of Planning and Asset Management via Facilitron, not to a school or employee of the District. 

How do I cancel an event?

Applicants must give written notice of cancellation by e-mail to the principal or principal's designee and the Department of Planning and Asset management at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled activity.  Applicants who fail to give notice shall be responsible for costs incurred by the district.

What types of events are allowed at an Austin ISD school?

After school enrichment programs, Boy/Girl Scouts, church services, homeowner association meetings, sports events, camps, tournaments, etc., are permitted.

What types of events are not allowed at an Austin ISD school?

Events such as private parties, birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, etc., are not permitted.

Can I use the facilities for free since my program benefits Austin ISD students?

The district receives many requests from a wide variety of programs that support the district and students. In order to assure fair treatment for all patrons, facility use fees will be charged according to the Facility Use Fees. Separate fees are charged to cover the general costs associated with facility use and the direct costs of custodian, building supervision, and other services. Non-profit organizations with a valid federal 501(c)(3) or a non-profit status letter from the State Comptroller’s Office receive a 50 percent facility fee reduction.
If an organization is holding an event that is fee-based to participants or donations are accepted, then rental fees would apply.

Is alcohol allowed for religious observations?

Alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products are not permitted on school property at any time.

What’s required to film or shoot a commercial on AISD facilities?

  1. Application via Facilitron to be approved by the principal at least three (3) weeks prior to the event date.
  2. Brief synopsis of the film and film script to be submitted via Facilitron for review.
  3. A film or commercial cannot be rated “R” or “X”.
  4. If the film or commercial is approved, the organization must use the District’s Location Release Agreement which states that a film cannot be rated “R” or “X” and the name of the school or the District’s name may not be revealed.
  5. Liability insurance to be submitted naming the District as an additional insured. Please view the Insurance Requirements. If you have questions regarding the specific requirements, please contact the Director of Risk Management, Andy Hoffman, at (512) 414-2295.
  6. Facilitron will process the application and assess fees.

I would like to rent the Performing Arts Center (PAC), does the application process go through the Facility Use Office?

Visit the Rent the PAC page or contact the staff at the Performing Arts Center.

Contact Information

Brad Distelhorst
PAC Coordinator

Cole Rickman
PAC Production Supervisor

I am interested in renting the Burger or Delco Center.

The Burger and Delco Center fall under the District’s Athletic Department. For information about renting these facilities, contact the Athletic Department at 512-414-1050.