Austin ISD Athletics Facilities

For all inquiries regarding renting an Austin ISD athletic facility and availability, please contact the appropriate phone number provided below.

Austin ISD Burger Center

Toney Burger Athletic Center

3200 Jones Road

Indoor Rentals: 
Lynn Pool, 512-414-1044

Outdoor Rentals: 
Odis Jones, 512-414-1048

Austin ISD Delco Center

Delco Center

4601 Pecan Brook Drive
Contact: 512-841-8323


Austin ISD House Park

House Park Athletics Facility

1301 Shoal Creek Blvd.
Contact: 512-414-0019

Austin ISD Nelson Field

Nelson Field

7105 Berkman Drive
Contact: 512-841-8323

Austin ISD Noack Sports Complex

Noack Sports Complex

5300 Crainway Drive
Contact: 512-841-8323


Austin ISD Yellow Jacket Stadium

Yellow Jacket Stadium

3101 Hargrave St.
Contact: 512-841-8323