Facility Use Fees

Type of Facility Fee
High School (Gym, library, cafeteria) $225 per hour
High School (Auditorium) $300 per hour
Middle School (Gym, library, cafeteria) $200 per hour
Middle School (Auditorium) $300 per hour
Elementary School (Gym, library, cafeteria) $150 per hour
Elementary School (Auditorium) $300 per hour
Classrooms (per classroom) $50 per hour
Reservation of School Grounds $80 per hour
Reservation of Parking Lot $100 per hour
Custodial Services $35 per hour (minimum per custodian)
Custodial Supplies $1 per hour (Flat Rate)


Non-profit organizations (with a valid federal 501( c )(3) or a non-profit status letter from the State Comptroller’s Office) receive a 50% discount on facility use rental fees. Fees may be further reduced or waived if the event is deemed to be a particular benefit to the district, school or community, and custodian fees are covered.

Custodial Fees

If applicable, a minimum custodial fee of $35 an hour per custodian on duty will be charged in addition to the facility use rental fee. If actual custodial fees are higher than $35 per hour, the actual cost will be charged. Custodial fees begin at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the event and continue at least 30 minutes after the end of the event. Fees for additional staff and services will also be charged at a flat rate of $35.00 per hour unless otherwise indicated. Custodial timesheets cannot be processed without a Facilitron reservation request.

Please note that waivers and discounts are not applicable to fees required to cover custodian or other support staff costs.