Our Commitment

Austin ISD has made a long-standing commitment to sustainability, as shown in the timeline below.

Austin ISD Sustainability Time Line

Since 2004, all new schools and major renovation projects have adhered to green building standards and achieved at least a two out of five star rating from Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB). The district is proud to have two of only six commercial building projects that have ever achieved a maximum five-star AEGB rating. The Austin ISD Performing Arts Center earned the prestigious honor in 2015, and the McCallum High School Theater Addition attained five stars in 2011. More than 30 Austin ISD facilities have received an AEGB rating since 2004, and the district has recently modified its green building standards to be applicable to smaller-scale construction projects.

A grassroots Environmental Stewardship Envisioning Committee first formed in fall 2008 with about 30 initial participants from Austin ISD and the community who helped create an environmental stewardship vision for the district: “To utilize a systemic approach to inspire our students to become stewards of the environment, resulting in improved student learning and academic achievement.” The group evolved to become one of the district’s formal advisory bodies in fall 2013 and is now known as the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (ESAC).

The Board of Trustees has expressed its support for sustainability and environmental stewardship with the adoption of a 2010 resolution and 2011 sustainability policy. The 2010 resolution called for the creation of green teams at all Austin ISD campuses. The ESAC provides resources and support to help with campus environmental improvement projects and building a culture of sustainability across the district.

The district’s first sustainability coordinator was hired in 2014 and is working with the ESAC and other stakeholders to develop a sustainability plan for the district.