Energy Efficiency Day 2022

Energy Efficiency Day is October 5, 2022

AISD Energy Heroes Challenge Winners!

As part of this year’s Energy Efficiency Day, AISD students in grades K-12 were invited to participate in the AISD Energy Heroes Challenge. Students submitted their original drawings and videos showing how they save energy at school. Here is some of the amazing artwork they created!

Let's save energy:Turn off the lights when we go outside; report water leaks; close windows and doors; unplug ipads when they are charged to 100%

1st Place Winner

Maria, Lia, and Cesar from Ms. Flores’ 2nd Grade dual language class at
Odom Elementary School


Save energy by turning of the lights when you are done. unplug items when you are not using them, window power, regulate power usage by using led lightbulbs.

2nd Place Winner

Ivana, 11th grader from Ms. Cardenas’ art class at
Eastside Early College High School

Deconetar el cargador; A paga la luz.

3rd Place Winner

Anna, 4th grade, from Ms. Coba’s EcoRise Afterschool Innovators group at
Overton Elementary School

Thank You!

Thank you to our 2022 ESAC Membership for judging the contest! 

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Free teaching resources

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