Pecan Springs Elementary School, in East Austin, is home to high expectations and a diverse learning environment. Experienced educators create a challenging and nurturing environment for all students to develop their talents and skills as they prepare for college, career and life.

In addition to offering core subjects such as math, English language arts and social studies, Pecan Springs is proud to provide Pre-K, dual language and Reading is Fundamental programs. The campus offers after-school tutoring for students who need additional assistance or who simply are interested in deepening their learning and understanding.

The Andy Roddick Foundation has selected Pecan Springs as a location for its high-quality summer and after-school programs—recognizing that children who live in low-income communities often have limited access to enriching opportunities outside of school. The program complements the district’s social and emotional learning initiatives with activities that build persistence and resilience.

Pecan Springs recognizes that family engagement is critical to the success of students. The school invites families to enjoy a wide range of community programs, including health and wellness training, family field trips and festivals.

Community in Schools provides students and their families with counseling and mentoring services, housing and emergency assistance, and referrals to a network of volunteers and community resources. The Austin Rotary Club offers the Early Acts First Knights character education program.

Pecan Springs is part of the LBJ ECHS family of schools. As an early college high school, LBJ offers students the opportunity to earn college credit and graduate with a diploma in one hand and an associate degree from Austin Community College in the other, for free.

Marshall Middle School* for 6th grade only 2023-24 School Year

* Choice Schools: Marshall, Gus Garcia and Bertha Sadler Means

See Marshall's page for more information about middle school enrollment.

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This feeder pattern represents the path students take as they advance to high school. Each child's exact path is determined by his or her home address. To find out where your child will attend, click on the school finder below the feeder pattern.

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2022 STAAR Percent at Approaches Grade Level or above

2022 Accountability

As required by Senate Bill 1365 (87th Texas Legislature), academic accountability ratings for 2022 were limited to A, B, C, and Not Rated.

Accountability Rating: Not Rated: SB 1365

Student Achievement: Not Rated: SB 1365

School Progress: Not Rated: SB 1365

Closing the Gaps: Not Rated: SB 1365

Source: Texas Education Agency

2022-23 Student Demographics