Breakfast and Lunch Menus Available Through SchoolCafé

  • Menus, allergens and nutritional information can be viewed online or by downloading the mobile app on Apple or Android devices.
  • Create an account or sign in as a guest and select campus to view menus.  
  • Menus can be printed by accessing SchoolCafé online.
  • Users can select their campus, choose to view a daily, weekly or monthly menu and then choose the print-friendly option to print at home. 
  • The Make a Tray feature is for your informational and tracking purposes only. This meal will not be used for meal ordering.    

For additional information contact AISD Dietitian Linley Danner at or at 512-414-0219.

Smart Snacks

AISD will not offer à la carte Smart Snacks while meals are served at curbside sites or in the classroom. 

Food Allergies/Special Diets

AISD AISD operates the National School Meals Program of the United States Department of Agriculture  and follows the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines for accommodating children with special needs. 

Menu changes may be provided for either: 

  • Students who have a disability that requires an Individual Education Plan or a 504 plan and also have a special dietary need.
  • Students who do not have a disability covered by the Americans with Disability Act, but who have a disease that is life-threatening or a food allergy that requires immediate medical attention such as an EpiPen to treat anaphylactic shock.
  • Students who have allergies that need to be offered alternative menu items.

  • Students that have religious or other beliefs (ex. No, Pork, Vegetarian, Vegan) that require dietary modifications.

To receive menu changes:

For children who do not meet the definition of a disability or who do not have a food allergy or disease that is life threatening that requires alternate menu provisions, but have a food allergy can also have a physician fill out a "Request for Dietary Accommodation" form and reasonable accommodations will also be made for that student. 

Allergens for all menu items can be found at

No items containing peanuts or tree nuts are served from AISD cafeterias.

Vegetarian/Vegan Diets: Vegetarian options are offered daily on all AISD menus. Vegan options are available daily upon request. Please let the cafeteria manager know that your child is interested in a vegan option daily and we will make accommodations.  

For additional information contact AISD Dietitian Linley Danner MS RD at or at 512-414-0219.


We offer catering options for any Austin ISD meeting or event.  For more information contact your cafeteria manager or Diane Grodek or Amanda Gilroy at

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