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Austin ISD Elementary GT Services

Elementary GT services include instruction by a teacher with the appropriate GT Foundations training within a cluster grouping model (small group of identified GT students within the general education classroom). Students have a GT Learning Plan based on their grade level.  Parents/guardians of identified GT students at the elementary level should expect a GT Student Services Summary each semester completed by the teacher.

Austin ISD Secondary GT Services

Secondary GT services include instruction by a teacher with the appropriate GT Foundations training and any required specialized training in the following options:

  • Advanced Courses,
  • Advanced Placement, 
  • Magnet (requires admission to magnet),
  • International Baccalaureate (requires admission to IB), 
  • Dual Credit (requires passing TSI score), or 
  • Advanced-level CTE courses. 

Enrichment & Extracurricular

Enrichment activities include opportunities that provide depth and complexity through exploration, extension, or elaboration. Extracurricular activities and organized events include opportunities outside of the traditional school day such as clubs, competitions, contests, mentorships, and internships. Campuses select which activities to offer.

Districtwide Standardized Services

Elementary School Middle School High School
  • GT Cluster Grouping
  • GT Learning Plans and GT Student  Services Summary
    • GT Exemplar Lessons
    • GT SEL Lessons
    • Texas Performance Standards Project
    • GT Enrichment
    • GT Spring Activities
  • Grade skipping (requires examination)
  • Advanced Courses
  • Magnet (requires admission to magnet)
  • GT Learning Plans
  • AVID
  • Texas Performance Standards Project
  • Credit-by-Exam
  • Advanced Placement 
  • Magnet (requires admission to magnet) 
  • International Baccalaureate (requires admission to IB) 
  • Dual Credit (requires passing TSI score) 
  • Advanced-level CTE courses
  • AVID
  • Garza Online courses
  • GT Learning Plans
  • Credit-by-Exam

Contact Information

Blake Haygood
Gifted & Talented Education Coordinator
Phone: 512-414-0155