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Austin ISD 2020 AP Scores Exceed State and National Performance

Advanced Placement scores for Austin ISD students who took the exams in May 2020 resulted in 71% receiving a qualified score of 3, 4, or 5. AP scores which reflect a 5.3% increase in performance from the previous year and 11% increase over the last five years. This exceeds Texas’ performance of 53% and national performance of 64%. Students who attend a public college or university in Texas are eligible to receive college credit for these qualifying scores. Below is the 2016-2020 Austin ISD, Texas and National AP Scores of 3, 4, 5.

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Fig.1 - College Board Advanced Placement Exams, Grades 8-12 with Scores of 3, 4 or 5 (2015-2019)


The Advanced Placement program is a sequence of college-level courses taught in high schools by high school teachers with specialized training. Course offerings vary from campus to campus based on course demand.

  • Offered at all Austin ISD high schools
  • College Board monitored and authorized curriculum
  • Potential college credit based on student's performance on exam

The AP Credit and Placement College and University Search at allows colleges and universities to be looked up for review of their AP policies. Each college and university determines their own policy. These policies fluctuate based on the specific major and specific AP courses as well as whether an acceptable exam score is to be used for credit and/or placement in a sequence of courses. However, in Texas, public colleges and universities must provide credit for a score of 3 or higher on any exam. The value of AP courses and AP exam scores includes the admissions process, particularly in a competitive school.

Information regarding AP exams is available at

AP Exams for Homeschooled Students

Campuses only proctor Advanced Placement (AP) exams for AP courses offered at their campuses. Homeschooled students who meet the following criteria are eligible to register for and take an AP exam if it is being administered at the campus for which the homeschooled student’s address is assigned for enrollment:

  1. The homeschooled student must provide proof of eligibility to be enrolled in Austin ISD to the campus AP Coordinator.
  2. The campus AP Coordinator will confirm the campus for which the homeschooled student’s address is assigned for enrollment.
  3. The homeschooled student must currently live in the district at the time of registration for the exam.
  4. The homeschooled student pays the same fees to take an AP exam that an enrolled student pays to take an AP exam. 

If the AP exam being requested is not available at the campus for which the homeschooled student’s address is assigned for enrollment, the College Board offers the opportunity to earn college credit through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) at local, open enrollment testing locations.

Advanced Courses

Overview of Advanced Courses (Slideshow) (Text version)

Overview of Advanced Courses (Spanish) (Text version)

Advanced Placement Resources

These resources are designed for students but can also be used by parents/guardians and school staff.

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