Safe and Supportive Schools Program, Threat Assessment and Senate Bill 11

Following the 86th Legislative Session, Gov. Abbott signed Senate Bill 11 into law in June 2019 and it was effective immediately. Senate Bill 11 requires each school district in Texas to establish a Threat Assessment and Safe & Supportive Schools Program Team.

The Safe and Supportive Schools Program is designated to be proactive in developing interventions and supportive measure plans that address the emotional and physical safety of those involved.

What is a threat?

A threat is a harmful, threatening, or violent behavior such as verbal threats, threats of self-harm, bullying, cyberbullying, fighting, the use or possession of a weapon, sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking, or assault.

What is an Austin ISD Safe and Supportive Schools Program (SSSP) Process?

  • The school administration will initiate a threat assessment when behaviors have been identified that pose a potential risk to self and/or others. Behaviors include but are not limited to, the use or possession of a weapon/replica, verbal or written threats to harm or injure, internet website threats to harm or injure self/others, sexual offenses, and threats of violence.
  • Each campus has a Safe and Supportive Schools Program Team which is multi-disciplinary. The team will include the school administrators, school-based counselors, licensed mental health professionals, special education teachers, and school resource officers and may also include district office staff.
  • An assessment will be completed to:
    • ensure a full understanding of the context and level of the risk/threat.
    • better understanding of the factors that contribute to the threat maker’s behavior.
    • plan for a supportive response for all those involved.

For more information on the Safe and Supportive Schools Program and Threat Assessment please contact the campus principal.

Contact Information

Oscar Adams
Director of Discipline Standards and Accountability