Discipline Standards & Accountability

The Office of Student Discipline Standards and Accountability provides leadership, support, and resources to assist all Austin ISD campuses in having an orderly, safe, and conducive learning environment. We offer guidance to assist schools in preventing and addressing discipline matters, and our office works diligently to ensure that discipline concerns are addressed daily.

The Office of Student Discipline Standards and Accountability supports parents, students, HQ, and campuses with student-discipline related issues, questions, and concerns specifically, the review, approval, and processing of referrals to the Discipline Alternative Education Programs (DAEP/E–DAEP) and expulsions to the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP.)

Additionally, we handle discipline matters to ensure the district remains in compliance with federal guidelines, state statutes, Texas Education Agency regulations, and local board polices in the areas of student discipline.


Important roles of the Office of Student Discipline:

  • Ensure all Austin ISD schools are in compliance with TEA requirements in reporting accurate PEIMS/Discipline Data; communicate updated TEA requirements for Chapter 37 PEIMS.
  • Ensure that all PEIMS 425 Discipline Data is submitted to TEA as required by state statues.
  • Ensure all discipline data is correct for summer submission for the TEA PEIMS report.
  • Run and manage the Student Discipline System; electronic referrals for the Chapter 37 – Safe Schools Data.
  • Offer recommendations on best practices regarding discipline issues that occur on school campuses.
  • Responsible for all discipline data requests for Superintendent, Assoc. Supt., Ex. Directors, Board of Trustees, school administrators, and other departments within the district.
  • Update and assist in the yearly modification of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP).
  • Provide support and coordinate with schools that are in need of additional resources and concerns for students who violate the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Process and provide student discipline data/records for Public Information requests, Office of Civil Rights and appropriate district personnel upon request.
  • Provide Student Code of Conduct presentations/trainings for district personnel, staff, teachers, campus administrators, parents, and community organizations upon request.
  • Provide leadership and training to district principals, teachers, and parents in matters relating to student discipline.
  • Ensure that the discipline process/procedures for students receiving services under Special Education and Section 504 are in compliance with federal regulations.
  • Conduct student discipline appeal hearings as required.