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Elementary School Dual Language Program

Dual Language is for Everyone - Come Anytime!

Families can learn more about dual language programs by contacting your home campus or school of choice.

The priority deadline to apply for Elementary Dual Language is February 28, 2022. You can learn more about the process on this page.  We strongly encourage you to contact your home campus or school of choice principal to inquire about additional dual language opportunities.

Elementary Dual Language Program Model (Flyers): English / Spanish

Our district's bilingual education program is a Dual Language program. AISD's Dual Language program provides emergent bilinguals with the opportunity to excel academically, strengthen their bilingualism and biliteracy in a way that maintains and fosters connection to community. Emergent bilingual students are able to enter into the dual language bilingual education program at any grade level.  

AISD’s Dual language program is open to all AISD students who are interested in a multilingual academic experience when entering Pre-K4 and up until the first ten days of first grade. There are a variety of Dual Language Programs at designated AISD campuses which provide Spanish/ English, Mandarin Chinese/ English, and Vietnamese/ English programming. 

The three goals of Austin ISD's dual language program are for students to

  • excel academically in two languages 

  • become bilingual and biliterate 

  • develop positive cross-cultural competency

Dual Language Elements

  1. Language of instruction: The Dual language program designates one of the two program languages for each content area, Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math for the entire school year.

  2. Classroom/Campus Environment: The Dual Language classroom environment supports student language through purposeful use of space, daily schedules, rich lessons, student work, and classroom libraries. 

  3. Biliteracy: Biliteracy provides the foundation for students to learn Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math in two languages. It is the ability to effectively communicate or understand written thoughts and ideas through the grammar, vocabulary, and written symbols of two different languages.

  4. Language Acquisition Methods: The process of acquiring Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Science and Math, and vocabulary, in both languages enabling students of different language acquisition stages to participate in a meaningful and engaging way. 

  5. Socio-Cultural Competence: Promoting a community of learners where learning experiences draw from and expand on the diversity of students’ languages and cultural backgrounds.

  6. Assessments: Assessment is the process of collecting information or evidence of a learner’s progress and achievement over a period of time to improve teaching and learning. Dual Language assessment addresses the unique 

Elementary Schools with Dual language programs can be found on the program finder page.

Please contact your child's school for information about dual language enrollment. For more information, please contact the Austin ISD Multilingual Education Team at 512-414-4734.

Please note Austin ISD bus transportation is not provided to students who choose to transfer to another campus for its dual language program.