Dual Language Application Process

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Elementary, Middle, and High School Dual Language Application Process

Please follow the link below for information about the registration and application process.

Student Enrollment

If your child is in the attendance zone of a Middle School or High School Dual Language program verify that they are selecting dual language courses on their choice sheets.

If your neighborhood campus does not offer dual language programming and you wish to transfer to a dual language campus, please contact the campus directly.


Elementary & Secondary 

  • Si tiene alguna pregunta, favor de comunicarse con la escuela a la que solicitó ingreso su hijo o con el equipo de Educación Multilingüe al 512-414-4734.
  • Please contact Joslin, Reilly and Doss directly to attend information sessions for their Mandarin Dual Language programs.
  • For more information about our Vietnamese Dual Language program, please contact Summitt. Nếu quý vị có thắc mắc về ghi danh, xin liên lạc trường Summitt, cô Thủy 512 841 4080 hay Ban Giáo Dục Ngoại Ngữ