Dual Language Application Process

  1. Elementary school (Grades K-5):
    In April 2019, families of students who applied for the Dual Language program will be notified by letter of their acceptance into the program. If the student is not accepted, the letter will provide information about the student’s position on the school’s waiting list for acceptance. Those on the waiting list will be informed of options at other schools. Please note: if the parent/guardian chooses to apply for acceptance into another school, the student will be taken off of the first school’s waiting list. 
  2. Secondary (Grades 6-10):
    In April 2019, Students who applied for secondary Dual Language programs will be notified of acceptance by letter. Students who applied at multiple campuses will be contacted by phone to see if a commitment has been made before a letter is sent.

    For Lamar Middle School: A selection lottery will be held for students who applied to Lamar Middle School’s dual language program. Students should receive a letter in April notifying acceptance, denial or placement in the lottery.

If you have any questions, please contact the school to which your child applied.

Instructions/Hướng Dẫn

Step One:
Create a Parent Cloud Account

For parents registering students new to AISD, a Parent Cloud account must be created before you can access the Online Registration system. To create a Parent Cloud account, visit my.austinisd.org.
Paso 1: Crear una cuenta para Parent Cloud
Para los padres de familia que matricularán a estudiantes nuevos en AISD, deberán crear una cuenta en Parent Cloud antes de poder tener acceso al sistema de matriculación en línea. Para crear una cuenta en Parent Cloud visite: my.austinisd.org
Trước hết: muốn ghi danh cho con đi học, lên my.austinisd.org tạo tài khoản Parent Cloud

Step Two:
Register for AISD

Once your account is created and you have submitted documentation to your school, you can register online:
TEAMS Online Registration Parent Guide (PDF)
TEAMS Online Registration Parent Guide_Spanish (PDF)
Paso 2: La Matriculación de su Hijo en la Escuela
Una vez creada su cuenta, puede matricular a su hijo en línea:
TEAMS Online Registration Parent Guide (PDF)
TEAMS Online Registration Parent Guide_Spanish (Sistema de Verificación y Matriculación en línea, PDF)
Tiếp theo: ghi danh đi học với AISD Sau khi quý vị có tài khoản, góp đầy đủ hồ sơ cho trường, xin vào mạng sau đây để ghi danh: TEAMS Online Registration Parent Guide (PDF)

Step Three:
Apply for Dual Language in the Parent Cloud

Find the dual language application in the Parent Cloud at myaustinisd.org. Click on the Elementary or Middle School Dual Language enrollment icon.

Note: Some schools require a dual language orientation for parents before accepting dual language applications. Please contact the school before applying.
Paso 3: Solicitar el ingreso al Programa de Lenguaje Dual en el Parent Cloud
Busque la solicitud al programa de lenguaje dual en el Parent Cloud en my.austinisd.org. Haz clic en el ícono de matriculación al Programa de Lenguaje Dual de Primaria o Escuela Intermedia.

Nota: Algunas escuelas requieren una orientación de lenguaje dual para los padres antes de aceptar las solicitudes para el programa. Sírvase contactar a la escuela antes de llenar la solicitud.

Sau đó ghi danh tên con mình vào chương trình song ngữ bằng cách vào tài khoản Parent Cloud của mình trên my.austinisd.org, nhấn vào hình của Elementary Dual Language Enrollment

Chú ý: một số trường đòi hỏi phụ huynh vào trường ngày Hướng Dẫn/Thông Tin Chương Trình Song Ngữ trước khi chấp nhận đơn . Xin liên lạc với trường trước.

Step Four:
Register for Pre-K or Kindergarten

For parents registering their child for Pre-K or Kindergarten, go to the Early Childhood Department website for further information.
Paso 4: Matriculación para Prekínder o Kínder
Para los padres de familia que estarán matriculando a sus hijos en Prekínder o Kínder, vaya al sitio web www.austinisd.org/early-childhood/kindergarten para realizar la matriculación.
Ghi danh học sinh vào lớp pre – K hay Mẫu Giáo Phụ huynh nào muốn ghi danh học sinh vào lớp pre – K hay Mẫu Giáo, xin vào đường giây của Early Childhood Department để biết thêm tin tức.