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Middle School Dual Language Program

The program is intended for students who participated in elementary dual language or are proficient in Spanish.

The three goals of Austin ISD's dual language program are:

  • students excel academically

  • students become bilingual and biliterate 

  • students develop positive cross-cultural competency

Our middle school programs offer students:

  • Two content courses taught in Spanish each year

    • Spanish Language Course for up to 4 high school credits by the end of Middle School

      • Spanish 3A (6th)

      • Spanish 3B (7th)

      • Spanish Language and Culture, AP (8th) 

    • One core content class (science, social studies or math)

    • Some campuses also offer an elective course in Spanish. Dual Language electives do not take the place of the Spanish Language Classes or Spanish core content

Dual language middle schools in 2021-22 can be found on the program finder page.

Please contact your child's school for information about dual language enrollment. For more information, please contact the Austin ISD Multilingual Education Team at 512-414-4734.

Please note Austin ISD bus transportation is not provided to students who choose to transfer to another campus for its dual language program.

Watch a short video (on YouTube) about the benefits of a bilingual brain!