Seeking a past Bid Tabulation

Bid tabulations are posted within 24 hours of the closing date. If the item you are seeking is not shown below, please contact Contract and Procurement Services to inquire, (512) 414-2204.

Bid Tabulations

Project Number Title (RFP), (CMR), (IFB), (RFQ) Type Closing Date
21CSP070 Electrical and Plumbing Repairs at Burnet Middle School Bid Tabulation 2/9/21
21CSP055 Critical Repairs at Webb Middle School  Bid Tabulation 1/7/21
21CSP054 Roofing Upgrades and HVAC Replacement at Cowan Elementary School Bid Tabulation 1/6/21
21CSP050 Renovations at Lively Middle School  Bid Tabulation 1/6/21
21CSP049 HVAC Upgrades at Kealing Middle School Bid Tabulation 1/5/21
21CSP053 HVAC Replacement at Kiker Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/16/20
21CSP046 Various Improvements and Window Replacement at Barrington Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/8/20
21CSP051 Renovations at Pickle Elementary Bid Tabulation 12/3/20
21CSP044 Cooling Tower Replacement and Various Upgrades at Widen Elementary Bid Tabulation 12/2/20

HVAC Replacement at Williams Elementary School

Bid Tabulation 12/2/20
21CSP042 Roofing Repairs at Dawson Elementary Bid Tabulation 12/1/20


Various Upgrades at Travis High School Bid Tabulation 11/19/20
21CSP039 HVAC and Structural Repairs at Kocurek Elementary School Bid Tabulation 11/19/20
21CSP040 HVAC and Electrical Repairs at McCallum High School Bid Tabulation 11/5/20
21CSP035 HVAC and Electrical Repairs at LASA  Bid Tabulation 11/4/20
21CSP034 Roofing Repairs at Martin Middle School Bid Tabulation 11/3/20
21CSP037 Renovations at Bedichek Middle School Bid Tabulation 10/28/20

Security System Design and Installation for Middle Schools and High Schools

Bid Tabulation 10/6/20
21IFB031 Books & Prepared A/V Materials Bid Tabulation 10/20/20
21CSP021 Roof Improvements to Graham Elementary School  Bid Tabulation 10/1/20
21CSP019 Electrical and Structural Upgrades to Burger Athletic Complex Bid Tabulation 9/15/20
21CSP015 Renovations at Maplewood Elementary Bid Tabulation 9/9/20
21CSP016 Renovations at Joslin Elementary Bid Tabulation 9/8/20
21IFB014 Bulk Engine Oil Bid Tabulation 8/25/20
21CSP010 Catering and Test Kitchen for Food Services List of Respondents 8/5/20
21CSP011 Replace Fire Control Panels District Wide Bid Tabulation 8/4/20
21RFP009 Special Education Contracted Services  List of Respondents 7/02/20
21RFP004 School Mental Health Centers at Elementary, Middle and High Schools List of Respondents 5/28/20
20CSP124 Academic Reinvention: Technology Career Launch Program @ NECHS  Bid Tabulation 5/12/20
20RFP122 Facility Condition and Educational Suitability Assessments List of Respondents 5/5/20
20RFP121 Planning Partner for Facilities Master Plan List of Respondents 5/5/20
20RFQ107 Design Services for LASA, Lamar, Covington, McCallum and House Park List of Respondents 4/15/20
20CSP106 Roof Improvements to Akins High School Project Manual Bid Tabulation 4/15/20
20RFP101 Food Services, Tortilla Products  Bid Tabulation 4/13/20
20RFP100 Food Services, Miscellaneous Food Items Bid Tabulation 4/13/20
20RFP099 Food Services, Fresh Produce  Bid Tabulation 4/13/20
20RFP117 Executive Search / Recruitment Services Bid Tabulation 3/24/20
20CSP105 Selected Roof Improvements at Allison Middle School Bid Tabulation 3/12/20
20RFP058 Translation, Interpretation, Transcription and Sign Language Services List of Respondents 03/10/20
20CSP104 Selected Roof Improvements at Webb Middle School Bid Tabulation 3/11/20
20CSP103 Roof Improvements at Baranoff Elementary School Bid Tabulation 3/10/20
20CSP090 Renovations at Bedicheck Middle School Bid Tabulation 2/13/20
20CSP083 Electrical Panels, Piping and Drainage at Houston Elementary School Bid Tabulation 2/13/20
20CSP088 Electrical Upgrades and Sit eDrainage Improvements at Gullet Elementary School Bid Tabulation 2/11/20
20CSP084 Repairs at Sunset Valley Elementary Bid Tabulation 1/16/20
20CSP087 Upgrades at Cunningham Elementary School Bid Tabulation 1/16/20
20CSP085 Replacements at Lee Elementary School Bid Tabulation 1/15/20
20CSP086 MEP Improvements at McBee Elementary Bid Tabulation 1/15/20
20CSP089 HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Improvements at Wooten Elementary School Bid Tabulation 1/14/20
20CSP050 HVAC and Electrical Replacements at Linder Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/17/19
20CSP052 Renovations at Lamar Middle School Bid Tabulation 12/12/19
20RFP029 Blended and Personalized Learning Coach Professional Development List of Respondents 10/02/19
20CSP051 Electrical, Fire Alarm and HVAC Upgrades at Covington Middle School  Bid Tabulation 12/11/19
20CSP040 Renovations at Travis Heights Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/10/19
20CSP080 Repairs at Burger Stadium Bid Tabulation 12/9/19
20CSP047 Renovations at Walnut Creek Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/6/19
20CSP046 MEP Improvements at Ortega Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/5/19
20CSP045 Renovations at Palm Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/4/19
20CSP079 HVAC and Civil Improvements at Cook Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/3/19
20IFB056 Copier Paper Bid Tabulation 10/24/19
20CSP044 Upgrades at Dobie Middle School Bid Tabulation 10/31/19
20CSP043 Upgrades at Winn Elementary School Bid Tabulation 10/30/19
20RFP010 Medical and Pharmacy Health Benefit Products List of Respondents 10/29/19
20CSP042 Upgrades at Rodriguez Elementary School Bid Tabulation 10/29/19
20CSP024 Urgent Roof Repairs District Wide Bid Tabulation 10/24/19
20CMR041 Modernization at Rosedale School List of Respondents 10/15/19
20RFP026 Speech Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Evaluation and Related Special Education Services List of Respondents 10/15/19
20CSP013 Chiller Replacement, Lighting and Electrical Upgrades at Odom Elementary School Bid Tabulation 10/3/19
20RFP039 Food Services Paper Goods Bid Tabulation 10/2/19
20RFQ019 Financial Adviser List of Respondents 10/2/19
20CMR038 Modernization at Norman Elementary School List of Respondents 9/24/19

Electrical and Site Drainage Improvements at Reagan HS

Bid Tabulation 8/27/19
20RFP003 Notification and Scheduling System List of Respondents 8/13/19
20AUC008 Frozen & Dry Specialty Foods, Sorcity Reverse Auction Bid Tabulation 8/8/19
20AUC002 Bulk Milk - RFP, Sorcity Reverse Auction Bid Tabulation 8/7/19
20AUC001 Grass Fed Ground Beef - RFP, Sorcity Reverse Auction Bid Tabulation 7/23/19
20CSP007 Parking Lot Repair for Delco Activity Center Bid Tabulation 7/18/19
19RFP111 Parent Child Early Intervention Education Program List of Respondents 7/11/19
19RFP137 School Signage and Marquee Installations List of Respondents 7/10/19
19CSP136 Roof Replacement at Fulmore Middle School Bid Tabulation 7/9/19
19CSP134 HVAC Services at Austin High School Bid Tabulation 6/27/19
19RFP130 21st Century Learner Furniture List of Respondents 5/14/19
19RFQ118 Step 1: Rosedale and New Northeast Middle School Design Build List of Respondents 4/11/19
19RFQ127 On Call EWAS Services Campus Support List of Respondents 3/26/19
19RFQ126 On Call Safety Services Campus Support List of Respondents 3/26/19
19RFQ125 On Call Permitting Services Campus Support List of Respondents 3/26/19
19RFQ124 On Call Envelope/ Roofing Services Campus Support List of Respondents 3/26/19
19RFQ123 On Call Landscaping Services Campus Support List of Respondents 3/26/19
19RFQ122 On Call Geotech Services Campus Support List of Respondents 3/26/19
19RFQ121 On Call A/E Services Campus Support List of Respondents 3/26/19
19RFQ120 On Call Abatement Services Campus Support List of Respondents 3/26/19
19RFP108 Private Duty Nursing Services List of Respondents 2/28/19

Renovations at Pecan Springs Elementary

Bid Tabulation 2/19/19
19CSP084 Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Improvements at Martin Middle School Bid Tabulation 2/12/19

Replace and Repair Selected Roof Areas at Anderson High School

Bid Tabulation 2/6/19

Roof Replacement and Improvements at Kealing Middle School

Bid Tabulation 2/5/19
19RFP079 Air Condition and Heating (HVAC) Maintenance and  Repair Services List of Respondents 1/29/19
19CSP080 Renovations at Nelson Bus Terminal Bid Tabulations 1/29/19
19RFQ083 Building Automation System List of Respondents 1/17/19
19RFP033 Structured Network Cabling List of Respondents 1/16/19
19CSP093 Renovations at Kealing Middle School Bid Tabulation 1/16/19
19CSP090 Renovations at Highland Park Elementary School Bid Tabulation 1/11/19
19CSP089 Renovations at Allison Elementary School Bid Tabulation 1/10/19
19CSP087 Renovations at Pleasant Hill Elementary School Bid Tabulation 1/9/19
19CSP085 Renovations at Casey Elementary Bid Tabulation 1/9/19
19CSP086 Renovations at Mathews Elementary School Bid Tabulation 1/8/19
19CSP088 Renovations at Akins High School Bid Tabulation 1/8/19
19CSP071 Roof Replacement at Odom Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/18/18
19CSP077 New Classroom Building at Lee Elementary School Bid Tabulation 12/13/18
19CMR081 Construction Manager At Risk for: Austin High School, LBJ High School, Casis Elementary, Hill Elementary, Brentwood Elementary and Sanchez Elementary Respondents 12/11/18

Renovations at O'Henry Middle School

Bid Tabulations 12/6/18
19CSP067 HVAC and Electrical Improvements at Hill Elementary Bid Tabulations 12/5/18
19CSP060 Renovations at Reilly Elementary School Bid Tabulations 12/4/18
19CSP051 Walnut Creek Elementary Roof Replacement Bid Tabulation 11/29/18
19CSP058 Houston Elementary School Roof Replacement Bid Tabulation 11/28/18
19CSP057 Transportation Move to Service Center Bid Tabulation 11/27/18
19RFP054 HVAC and Plumbing Improvements at Bowie High School Bid Tabulation 11/6/18
19RFP047 Renovations at Becker Elementary School Bid Tabulation 10/23/18
19RFP043 Renovations at Oakhill Elementary School Bid Tabulation 10/24/18
19FRQ052 A/E Design Services for 2017 Bond Projects  Respondents  
19RFP042 Roof Improvement at Palm Elementary Bid Tabulation  
19RFP037 Repair and Violation Remediation for Stormwater Facilities Bid Tabulation  
19RFP040 Renovations at Martin MS -  Revised Bid Tabulation  
19CMR035 Construction Manager at Risk: Modernization for Norman Elementary School  Respondents  
19IFB017 Security Camera  Bid Tabulation  
19RFP016 Security Camera Installation & Removal Respondents  
19RFP008 Rapid Response Services  Respondents  
19RFQ005 Facility Master Planning for Athletics, CTE & Fine Arts; Campus Master Planning for Secondary Schools Respondents  
19RFP026 Software for Special Education, 504 and Related Services  Respondents  
18CMR088 New Administration Center  Respondents  
18RFQ116 A/E Norman ES Modernization Respondents  
18RFP112 GAATN Fiber Optic Network Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC)  Respondents  
18RFP093 Police Record Management System  Respondents  
18RFQ097 GAATN Legal Services Respondents  
18RFP108 Short Term Funding Product  Respondents  
18IFB103 Installation of Portable Classroom Building Bid Tabulation  
18IFB102 Lease & Purchase of Portable Classroom Building Bid Tabulation  
18RFP094 Demographic Services Respondents  
18RFP081 Investment Services  Respondents  
18RFP042 GAATN Utility Notification Services  Respondents