Facts and Figures

  • Location: 7105 Berkman Dr.
    Austin, TX 78752
  • Estimated Cost of Proposed Projects: $18,584,000 
  • Project Type: Comprehensive
  • Year Built: 1963
  • Building Area: 14,890  Sq. Ft.
  • Site: 7 Acres

Stay Informed


On Nov. 8, 2022, voters approved Austin ISD’s $2.44 billion bond. The bond included three propositions: Proposition A: General Purpose ($2,316,025,000); Proposition B: Technology ($75,541,000); Proposition C: Stadiums ($47,434,000). The 2022 Bond Program will fund capital projects, including upgrades to safety and security, repairing failing building systems, modernize 25 school facilities through full or phased renovations, technology upgrades and other improvements. These improvements will help the district save money on repairs and maintenance overtime, freeing up money that can be used to increase teacher pay.

Scope of Work 2022 Bond

  • Modernization of terminal: New building for Offices, Maintenance Shop, Fueling Station
  • Upgrades to parking and fencing

Published: Data is from the September 12 2023, CBOC report. More information can be found here on the CBOC page.

Project Status

Targeted Projects

  • Closeout Phase Closeout Phase

    Architectural Renovations, Electrical, HVAC, Improvements to Seal Building Envelope

    • Electrical System Improvements • Exterior Repair • Floor and Ceiling Improvements • Heating and Air Conditioning Improvements

    Percent Complete: 95%

Contracts are subject to be rebid; timeline depends on board approval.

Bond Financials

School/Facility (per Bond Book) Bond Book Project Budget* Actuals Commitments Project Balance**
2022 Bond: Proposition A Modernization Full Project 18,584,000 14,011,469 - - 14,011,469
2017 Bond: Targeted Project Nelson Field /Bus Terminal-Critical Facility Deficiencies 468,000 623,170 504,747 - 118,423

Multi Campus Project Status

Districtwide Financials

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