On October 28, 2013, the Board of Trustees appointed volunteer citizens to the Community Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) to ensure that the projects remain faithful to the voter-approved bond program scope of work and to monitor and ensure the bond projects are completed on time, with quality and within budget. 

The charge of the CBOC includes: 

  • Providing a report and any recommendations for corrective actions to the Board on the overall implementation of the 2013 Bond Program and oversight of the remaining projects of the 2004 and 2008 Bond Programs. The report is presented orally and/or in writing in March and October of each year and provides feedback and issues related to staff's presentation to the Board on the following topics:
    • Overall economics and budget status;
    • Individual projects: scope, schedule, quality, and economics;
    • Contingency;
    • Construction management practices;
    • Stakeholder satisfaction;
    • Any proposed substantive changes;
    • Environmental stewardship, achievements and concerns;
    • HUB utilization;
    • Safety;
    • Issues and risks;
    • Communication strategies and methods, and
  • Utilizing the report to provide a public perspective on key decisions and actions that have been taken by staff and the Board since the last report submitted to the Board;
  • Maintaining a record of work and findings to inform the Board should another bond election be undertaken;
  • Reviewing (monthly, with the exception of December and July) information from staff on all projects and expenditures of bond funds and on the timelines and progress of the 2013 Bond Program and the remaining projects of the 2004 and 2008 Bond programs;
  • Working with staff in assessing key campus stakeholders' levels of satisfaction with the quality of work/rating of customer service;
  • Reviewing and evaluating the survey results provided by staff;
  • Evaluating any proposed changes to the individual project scope of work, to the voter-approved 2013 Bond Program, and to the remaining projects of the 2004 or 2008 Bond Programs and communicate any issues noted to the Board; and
  • Recommending to the Board to conduct public hearings at campuses on substantive proposed changes to the voter-approved bond programs prior to Board action. 

Contacting the CBOC:

The public may communicate with members of the CBOC by:

  • Submitting comments to the chairs prior to the meeting, who determine the content of the CBOC agendas.
  • Meeting with chairs, apart from regular meeting, to discuss issues.

Jaime D. Padron Elementary School (2008 Bond Program)