Community Bond Oversight Committee Membership

Per the Community Bond Oversight Committee bylaws, each trustee must appoint two individuals to serve on the committee.

Member Name Appointing Trustee Term
Cheryl Bradley Gordon 2018-2020
Jennifer Carson Cowan 2015-2017
Dr. T. Jaime Chahin Rodriguez 2018-2020
Darrell Crayton Mathias 2017-2019
Mark Grayson Teich 2018-2020
Lawrence Huang Elenz 2016-2018
Maria Jimenez Anderson 2017-2019
Lori Moya (Committee Co-Chair) Mathias 2018-2020
Hatem Natsheh Anderson 2018-2020
Scott Norman Elenz 2017-2019
Julian Rivera Pace 2015-2017
Cindy Schaufenbuel Wagner 2016-2018
Rocio Villalobo Gordon 2018-2020
Dale Sump (Committee Co-Chair) Pace 2018-2020
Anna Valdez Teich 2017-2019
Alex Winslow Cowan 2017-2019
Peck Young Wagner 2016-2018
Vacant Rodriguez n/a


Note: Multiple terms are allowed.  If a new trustee hasn't replaced or re-appointed a member, the member will continue to serve and is designated on this chart only as being appointed by the trustee that appointed the individual.