Standard Membership Application Form

Standard Application Form for Service on District Advisory Bodies

This application form relates to service on district advisory bodies. Please contact a campus if you are interested in serving on a campus advisory body or in a campus organization.

Your Primary Residence
Is the above residence within the boundaries of AISD (Please select one of the following):

The following criteria apply to certain membership categories:

  • Parents must be a custodial parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled in a district school. Parents may not also be AISD employees.
  • Community members must live within the district. Community members may not also be parents or AISD employees.
  • Business representatives need not live or work within the district. Business representatives may also be parents.

Age Verification (not required for current AISD students)

Based on the above criteria, please select ANY of the following that pertain to you:
If you indicated above that you are a parent, please check any of the following that apply to you:

Please select ANY of the following AISD advisory bodies on which you would like to serve
Standing Advisory Bodies
(Standing advisory bodies meet permanently on a regular basis.)
Note that SHAC members are required to be on a subcommittee. Please check ANY of the following SHAC subcommittees areas in which you are interested
Ad Hoc/Periodic Advisory Bodies
(Ad hoc advisory bodies are formed for a particular purpose and meet for a limited time, and are discontinued when their work is completed. Periodic Advisory bodies also formed for a particular purpose, but on a recurring basis as needed.)
AISD recognizes and supports the concept of balanced representation in regard to filling vacancies on district advisory bodies. To this end, every effort is made to appoint members who represent the diversity of our community.

Please provide the following information about yourself:

Note: A vacancy may not currently exist on the advisory body or advisory bodies you indicated, but this application will be kept on file for two years. If after that time you are still interested in serving on an AISD advisory body, please resubmit your application. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee selection for service, but the application will be considered.

Please note that information provided on this form is subject to Open Records requests, and may be used in district reports related to advisory bodies.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Governmental Relations & Board Services, at