Facts and Figures

  • Location: 3200 Jones Rd.
    Austin, TX 78745
  • Estimated Cost of Proposed Projects: $4,767,000
  • Year Built: 1977
  • Building Area: 180,614 Sq. Ft.
  • Site: 48 Acres

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On Nov. 8, 2022, voters approved Austin ISD’s $2.44 billion bond. The bond included three propositions: Proposition A: General Purpose ($2,316,025,000); Proposition B: Technology ($75,541,000); Proposition C: Stadiums ($47,434,000). The 2022 Bond Program will fund capital projects, including upgrades to safety and security, repairing failing building systems, modernize 25 school facilities through full or phased renovations, technology upgrades and other improvements. These improvements will help the district save money on repairs and maintenance overtime, freeing up money that can be used to increase teacher pay.

Scope of Work 2022 Bond

  • Baseball field upgrades, including artificial turf, lights and seating 

Published: Data is from the September 12, 2023, CBOC report. More information can be found here on the CBOC page.

Project Status

  • Construction Phase Construction Phase

    Toney Burger Athletic Complex Critical Repairs - Electrical, Lighting, Pavement, Playfields, Structural

    Electrical System Improvements; Full Track Replacement; Lighting and Security Improvements; Sidewalk and Pavement Improvements; Structural Repairs

    Status: On Schedule Percent Complete: 96
    Expected Completion: 7/28/22
    Notes: Track replacement work is complete. Gathering closeout docs including a 10 yr warranty on the track surface. Gates installed were designed incorrectly and are sagging; remedial efforts are in design.

  • Financial Closeout Phase Financial Closeout Phase

    Burger Athletic Complex Mechanical Work at Burger Athletic Complex

    Installation of additional chiller capacity and additional air handling units; replacement of HVAC cold and hot water circulation piping, circulation pumps, boiler, motor controllers, air handlers and controls.

    Percent Complete: 20

  • Complete Phase Complete Phase

    Burger Athletic Complex Replace Paving at Burger Activity Center

    Repair and re-surface selected asphalt paving area - NE corner

    Percent Complete: 100

  • Complete Phase Complete Phase

    Burger Athletic Complex Renovations at Burger Athletic Complex

    Concession & Restroom/ Locker room renovations. Security updates / Stadium RR ADA / finish upgrades, misc. finishes and lighting upgrades, CCTV @ stadium

    Percent Complete: 100

  • Complete Phase Complete Phase

    Burger Athletic Complex 2013 Bond Contingency Project

    Burger Stadium Repairs

Bond Financials

School/Facility (per Bond Book) Bond Book Project Budget* Actuals Commitments Project Balance**
2022 Bond: Proposition C: Stadiums & Athletic Complexes 4,767,000 3,676,366 - - 3,676,366
2017 Bond: Targeted Project Burger Athletic Complex-Critical Facility Deficiencies $ 1,265,000 1,182,785 1,135,749 - 47,036

*Difference between 2017 Bond Book Amount and Project Budget is reserved for work in later phases, program-wide bond services, technology, administration and contingency.

**Commitments are unpaid expense obligations such as requisitions and purchase orders.

Multi Campus Project Status

Districtwide Financials

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