Webb Middle School, in the heart of the St. John neighborhood in Northeast Austin, is bound by one shared belief: It takes a village to raise a child. The school works closely with students, families, and partners to develop rigorous curriculum, as well as integrated support systems to ensure every student is prepared. Webb operates a Family Resource Center with Communities in Schools to ensure parents and guardians have the support they need to help their children succeed.

Webb offers a world of opportunities - from arts and athletics to science and engineering - to help students achieve their greatest potential. For students learning English as their second language, Webb provides the English Language Development Academy. Webb is part of the Northeast family of schools. As an early college high school, Northeast offers students the chance to earn college credit and graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree.

La Escuela Secundaria Webb, en el corazón del vecindario de St. John en el noreste de Austin, se atiene a una creencia compartida: se necesita una aldea para criar a un hijo. La escuela trabaja en estrecha colaboración con estudiantes, familias y socios para crear un plan de estudios riguroso, así como sistemas de apoyo integrados para garantizar que cada estudiante esté preparado. Webb opera un centro de recursos familiares con Communities In Schools para garantizar que los padres de familia y tutores legales tengan el apoyo que necesitan para ayudar a sus niños a tener éxito.

Webb ofrece un mundo de oportunidades, desde artes y deportes hasta ciencias e ingeniería, para ayudar a los estudiantes a alcanzar su mayor potencial. Para los estudiantes que aprenden inglés como segundo idioma, Webb ofrece la Academia de Desarrollo del Idioma Inglés. Webb forma parte de la familia de escuelas de Northeast. Como una escuela preparatoria de universidad temprana, Northeast ofrece a los estudiantes la oportunidad de obtener crédito universitario y graduarse con un diploma de preparatoria y un título técnico superior.

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This feeder pattern represents the path students take as they advance to high school. Each child's exact path is determined by his or her home address. To find out where your child will attend, click on the school finder below the feeder pattern.

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As required by Senate Bill 1365 (87th Texas Legislature), academic accountability ratings for 2022 were limited to A, B, C, and Not Rated.

Accountability Rating: Not Rated: SB 1365

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Source: Texas Education Agency

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