At Northeast Early College High School, students are not only preparing for college tomorrow, they are attending college today. Northeast offers students the opportunity to graduate with a diploma in one hand and an associate degree in the other—for free.

Through an exciting and innovative partnership with Austin Community College, every student has the opportunity to enroll in college-level classes. In addition to earning college credit, students are preparing to compete in the work force, while saving thousands of dollars in college costs.

Northeast ECHS is a diverse and closely knit community of learners and leaders in Northeast Austin. The school offers a world of opportunities—from arts and athletics to hospitality and health sciences—to help students achieve their greatest potential. Northeast offers career and technology classes and a path to industry certifications in the fields of audio and video production, engineering and health sciences.

Northeast is home to vibrant and competitive arts and athletics programs, including the award-winning marching band and the beloved football team, which Sports Illustrated featured as one of its nationally inspiring "Underdogs."

Working with families and community partners, Northeast stands at the forefront of an innovative new movement for equity and excellence in education: the community schools model, which recognizes all children have the potential to meet high expectations in the right environment. Northeast ECHS is part of the Northeast Austin Communities for Educational Readiness (learn more at www.nacer.org). 

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This feeder pattern represents the path students take as they advance to high school. Each child's exact path is determined by his or her home address. To find out where your child will attend, click on the school finder below the feeder pattern.

Points of Pride

Northeast operates a Family Resource Center to ensure parents and guardians have the support they need to help their students succeed in school and life. The school also hosts events such as Hope Fest to provide community members with resources, free health and wellness services, and information about housing, employment, legal services, insurance and education.

Northeast is deeply invested in—and connected to—its communities. Teachers, team members, families and partners come together for an authentic and inclusive collaboration, which is recognized as a national model for school turnaround. Their story—and spirit—inspired the nationally recognized book, "Saving the School: The True Story of a Principal, a Teacher, a Coach, a Bunch of Kids and a Year in the Crosshairs of Education Reform."

Signature Programs

Student & Family Supports

After-school Meals
Breakfast in the Classroom
Child Care During the Day
Communities in Schools
Community School
Free Breakfast and Lunch for All Students
School Based Mental Health Center

Performance | Demographics

2022 STAAR Percent at Approaches Grade Level or above

2022 Accountability

As required by Senate Bill 1365 (87th Texas Legislature), academic accountability ratings for 2022 were limited to A, B, C, and Not Rated.

Accountability Rating: C

Student Achievement: C

School Progress: C

Closing the Gaps: C

Source: Texas Education Agency

2022-23 Student Demographics