The Office of Innovation and Development can help you research funding opportunities and develop strategies to meet your school’s needs and goals.

What is Livingtree?

Livingtree is a crowdfunding platform that all AISD teachers, staff, administrators, PSSs, PTAs, and booster clubs have access to throughout the year. Once you start fundraising through Livingtree, no matter if you reach your goal, all funds that are raised get deposited into your campus account and can be spent on project costs. 

How Does Livingtree Work?

  1. Develop the project plan and details using the Proposal Outline Builder
  2. Log into Livingtree to begin your campaign. You will need to use an AISD email address for the username and click “Forgot Password” to create a new password if it is your first time logging in.
  3. Next, create a new Livingtree campaign with a fundraising goal. Be sure to tell the project’s story, add photos/videos, and include various fundraising levels.
  4. Once you submit the campaign for approval, the bookkeeper will receive an email notification to complete the financial review step.
  5. To complete the financial review, the bookkeeper logs into Livingree and enters financial information and the principal receives an email notification to complete the principal approval step.
  6. Finally, the principal logs into Livingtree to review the campaign and completes final approval or denial.
  7. Finally, the campaign goes live on Livingtree, and the link can be shared with the school community to begin fundraising.
  8. No matter if you reach your goal or not, the school receives all funds raised minus the associated fees. On a monthly basis, AISD deposits all funds into the campus general campus account about a month after the campaign timeline is closed and the bookkeeper transfers funds into associated campus activity account, which can then be accessed at the campus level to spend on the original campaign budget.

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Resources to Get Started on Livingtree