School Grants & Fundraising

The Office of Innovation and Development can help you research funding opportunities and develop strategies to meet your school’s needs and goals.

Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising success depends on choosing the right strategy to help you raise the most for your school. Crowdfunding, competitive grants and school partnerships are a few of the strategies that have successfully helped schools achieve their goals. Click below to discover which strategy is best for your school.

School Partnerships – Connect with your community to meet your school’s needs and goals.

Grants – Search for current grant opportunities and complete our Intent to Submit a Grant Application form.

Crowdfunding – Use online donation tools to help your school achieve its fundraising goals.

Fundraising Sales Contact Melissa Bishop for information on how to sell products or provide services on an Austin ISD campus.

Donations – Use this online donation/grant award form to register a donation and create a receipt for your donor. 

Resources – Explore resources and frequently requested documents to make the most out of your fundraising campaign.