Giving to Austin ISD

How can I make a donation to Austin ISD?

We appreciate your generosity and support. Please click here to make a donation via Austin Ed Fund, an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports Austin ISD. Contact Lindsey Stuart with questions about your donation or to restrict your gift to a specific program or school.  

Can I donate directly to my child's school?

Yes. Donations can be made to any of Austin ISD’s 130 schools. Please click here to donate. Click on "Campuses" to select your school of choice.

Who do I contact to volunteer on a campus?

Austin Partners in Education coordinates campus volunteer opportunities on Austin ISD campuses. Contact Dawn Lewis to volunteer as a Classroom Coach, Mentor, or School-Based Volunteer. 

Becoming an Austin ISD Service Provider

How do I get my program in an Austin ISD school? 

To join our team of service providers, please complete this partnership inquiry form.

Who can I contact if I have questions about becoming an Austin ISD service provider?

Contact Juliana Castillo for inquiries about becoming a service provider in Austin ISD.

Raising Money for Your School

I’m an Austin ISD teacher or parent. How do I find funding to implement a new project or idea? 

We can help you research and apply for grants, identify prospective donors or set up a crowdfunding campaign. Visit School Grants and Fundraising for fundraising strategies, tips, and guidelines, as well as a searchable database of funding opportunities. To share your idea or request support, complete the Contact Us form or contact Ryan O'Donnell

We need help completing a grant application. Who can we contact for support?

Contact Ryan O'Donnell to request grant writing support and explore Grants for advice on completing your grant application.

I’m an Austin ISD teacher and would like to raise money online. Can I do that?  

Yes. Visit Crowdfunding for information and guidelines on online fundraising in Austin ISD. If you have questions about setting up your online giving campaign, contact Ryan O'Donnell

My school wants to sell popcorn to raise money for our school. Who can I contact for support? 

Fundraiser sales are managed by the Austin ISD Office of Finance. Contact Terri Crites for information and support.