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One of the pillars of the AVID program is the tutorial groups where students are supported in their rigorous coursework through the help of college level tutors. It is not a place where students do homework or have others review class content if they were absent or not paying attention. Students should be prepared with their notes, completed or partially-completed homework, and completed Tutorial Request Forms (Scholar Group Request Form for AVID Excel). The goals of a tutorial/scholar group are:

  1. To teach students the skills needed to work collaboratively to solve problems.
  2. To empower students to answer their own questions by posing questions, which helps students to think more deeply about what they are learning.
  3. To guide students in high-level discussions as a means of developing vocabulary, enhancing discussion skills and fostering thought processes which enable students to succeed in their classes.
  4. To reinforce writing skills through review of notes, learning logs, essays, etc.

AVID Tutor Job Description

Tutor will tutor students (grades 6-12 at area high schools and middle schools. AVID students are taking rigorous (Pre-AP & AP) courses, and they need college tutors to provide academic support and to be good role models.

Desired Qualifications:
Must be dependable, have good interpersonal skills, enjoy working with youth, and have a desire to bring out the highest potential in our students. Tutors become part of the AVID family. Strengths in math and science are a plus.

AVID Tutor Application Process
The safety and success of our students is the major focus of hiring qualified AVID tutors. Individuals interested in becoming AVID tutors should apply online through Human Resources. The AVID Tutor position is listed under Temporary/Hourly Employment. Please contact Hadley Watson at hadley.watson@austinisd.org, with any questions.

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Hadley Lewis Watson 
AVID Tutor Project Manager
Austin Independent School District