Students and Families

Who is an AVID student?

Students who have the desire and determination to attend a four-year college and:

  • Willingness to undertake demanding preparation for college
  • Have appropriate classroom behavior
  • Have between a 2.0 and 3.5 grade point average
  • Have a good attendance record
  • In addition to the above also meets the selection criteria of the Campus AVID Site Team


The AVID program requires hard work and perseverance and is effective only if participation is voluntary. Students must sign a contract agreeing to:

  • Enroll in AVID as an elective class
  • Enroll in a rigorous course of study
  • Study at least one to two hours a day and complete all assignments
  • Maintain an organized AVID binder that includes class notes, study material, assignments, and completed work
  • Participate in AVID tutorial groups
  • Assist teachers and students in maintaining a positive learning environment
  • Participate in AVID field trips and activities
  • Take the PSAT and SAT or ACT in high school
  • Apply for scholarships and/or financial aid in the senior year
  • Apply to several colleges and universities in the senior year

What role do AVID families play in AVID?

The involvement of family is a priority in AVID. AVID families want their children to succeed and are an integral part of the learning team. As part of admission into the AVID program, families are informed of the rigorous AVID curriculum and are required to sign a document of commitment to support their student. Family members are kept informed about program events and expectations through newsletters, telephone calls, and parent meetings.

Family meetings help build a strong adult peer group through which families can encourage one another, share information, and become more involved in the overall school program.