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Below is a listing and description of academic learning options AISD is offering. Other local options beyond what is listed below may be available on various campuses. Students are encouraged to contact their campus administrators for more information.

2024 Summer School Learning Options

Multilingual Summer Programs

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Summer Melt Initiative


The Austin ISD Summer Melt Initiative is intended to support the 2024 graduates to enroll in college in the Fall of 2024. College enrollment services include: 

  • apply for college housing (as available)
  • register for college orientation
  • submitting final high school and dual credit transcript
  • submit vaccination records
  • accept and process their financial aid package
  • submit final college readiness test scores
  • complete federal student loans requirements
  • conduct TSIA2 Testing

Our summer melt advisors will also be available to support graduates in pursuing career options available at Austin Community College and alternative programs in the Central Texas area. 

Summer Melt Initiatives

The Austin ISD College, Career, and Military Readiness Department will hire 6 Summer Melt Advisors who will serve the 2024 graduates over the summer. These advisors will be working at their respective home campuses to include:

  • Akins Early College High School
  • Crockett Early College High School
  • Eastside Early College High School
  • McCallum High School 
  • LBJ Early College High School
  • Navarro Early College High School

Summer Melt advisors will also be supporting students via text and email. 

Summer Melt Assignments

Advisor Name Advisor Email Campus Assignments
Claudia Arellano Ferretiz claudia.arellanoferretiz@austinisd.org Akins ECHS and Travis ECHS
Marcia Balois marcia.balois@austinisd.org Navarro ECHS and Northeast ECHS
Edosa Edobor edosa.edobor@austinisd.org Eastside ECHS and LBJ ECHS
Cristela Garcia cristela.garcia@austinisd.org McCallum HS and Anderson HS
Amber Luna amber.luna@austinisd.org Bowie HS and Austin HS
Joshua Moreno joshua.moreno@austinisd.org Crockett ECHS and LASA HS
Anne LeMasters anne.lemasters2@austinisd.org Garza Independence HS

You are welcome to direct questions regarding Summer Melt Services via Let’s Talk! at 512-886-6434 or via email at college.advisor@austinisd.org

Grades 9-12 Credit Recovery

Courses: English III and IV; Pre-Calculus; Chemistry; Government; Economics; Physics; Other core courses may be available upon request.

Dates: June 3–June 17 (Mon.–Thurs. only)
Times: 9:30 a.m.–2 p.m.
Location: LBJ Early College HS
Summer Principal: Edna Cortinas

Credit recovery/make up incomplete for failing grades. Daily class for tutoring support, with online access 24/7 to complete course work. 

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End-of-Course Prep-Camp

Description: Students will have the opportunity to prepare for June 2, 2023 End-of-Course STAAR Exams covering Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for English I and English II; Algebra I; Biology; and U.S. History.

Dates: June 3–June 17 (Mon.–Thurs. only)
Times:  9:30 a.m.–2 p.m.
Location: LBJ Early College HS

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Garza Independence High School

Description: Garza High School Online is an educational opportunity to obtain select credits by working online to either recover or accelerate needed required courses. 

Dates and Times: Posted on the Garza website.