Summer Academic Opportunities 2022

Academic Enrichment and Credit Recovery Sessions

Students have access to dozens of programs that can help them get a head start on the school year, stay engaged over the summer, and recover credits if necessary.

The AISD teachers and staff you know and trust will oversee these Summer Academic Opportunities and use a curriculum that aligns with district and state learning objectives.

Parents who are interested in Summer Academic Opportunities are encouraged to reach out to their campus. Please check if your specific program is remote, on-campus or hybrid. 

Summer school programming this year, with one exception, will be campus specific. The one exception, for middle school, is 8th grade will be virtual June 14–30. Please check with your home campus for summer school opportunities. 

Questions can be sent to us via Let's Talk.

High School Summer Learning 

Summer learning is an opportunity for high school students to recover any incomplete grades or credits. Completing this work will ensure a strong foundation for the 2022-23 school year or grant seniors the ability to earn all necessary credits to graduate. 

All Summer academic opportunities