2021 Summer School Learning Options

Austin ISD elementary families have access to the following programs to help their students progress academically throughout the summer. Elementary summer enrichment and campus-based summer learning options are open to all students who want to get a head start on the school year. 

AISD Multilingual Summer Programs

Elementary Summer School–Emergent Bilingual Students >

Pre-K4 and 5th Grade Transition

Campus principals will reach out to families who will most benefit from these opportunities:

Grade/Course: Pre-K4

Dates: July 12–August 5 (Mon.–Thurs.)
Time: 8 a.m.–noon
Location: 100% Remote
Description: Each student will receive two hours of reading and two hours math instruction, as well as Social-Emotional Learning and Social Studies activities four days a week via online teacher–directed lessons. Tutoring and individual learning time will be provided as needed. Orientation for parents will be offered.

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Grade/Course: 5th Grade Transition

Dates: July 12–August 5 (Mon.–Thurs.)
Time: 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Location: 100% Remote
Description: Students will engage in reading and math lessons on the district-identified, highest need standards. Teachers will use Blend for their daily virtual lessons. Whole group, small group, and individual instruction will be provided as needed. Orientation for parents will be offered.

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Additional Summer Learning Opportunities

The following elementary campuses will offer summer learning opportunities either in-person (P), Hybrid (H), or remote (R). For more information, please contact your home campus.

Contact your campus for dates, times, registration information, and specific programs. 

  • Allison (P)
  • Bear Creek (H)
  • Blanton (P)
  • Casey (P)
  • Dawson (P)
  • Govalle (P)
  • Guerro-Thompson (R)
  • Gullett (P)
  • Harris (P)
  • Hart (P)
  • Hill (H)
  • Houston (P)
  • Jordan  (P)
  • Joslin (H)
  • Kiker (P)
  • Langford (P)
  • Linder (P)
  • Menchaca (P)
  • Metz-Sanchez (H)
  • Norman-Sims (P)
  • Oak Springs (P)
  • Overton (P)
  • Padron (P)
  • Palm (P)
  • Patton (P)
  • Pecan Springs (P)
  • Perez (H)
  • Pickle (P)
  • Pleasant Hill (P)
  • St. Elmo (P)
  • Travis Heights (P)
  • Uphaus (P)
  • Widen (H)
  • Wooten (P)