Patton Elementary is a large elementary school with a small school feeling. Proudly serving the South Austin community since 1985, the school was named after J.A. Patton, a pioneer in education and one of the first trustees elected to the school board in 1879. With strong academic programming, Patton offers excellent educational opportunities for approximately 800 Patton Pioneers. From tuition-based pre-K through fifth grade, Patton offers multiple hands-on programs to prepare students for middle school and beyond. The school has an active PTA and many opportunities for family involvement

La Primaria Patton es una escuela primaria grande que da la sensación de ser una escuela pequeña. Sirviendo con orgullo a la comunidad del sur de Austin desde 1985, la escuela lleva el nombre J.A. Patton, pionero en educación y uno de los primeros miembros elegidos para la mesa directiva en 1879. Con sólidos programas académicos, Patton ofrece excelentes oportunidades educativas para aproximadamente 800 Pioneers de Patton. Desde prekínder sin pago de matrícula hasta quinto grado, Patton ofrece varios programas prácticos para preparar a los estudiantes para la escuela secundaria y más allá. La escuela tiene una PTA activa y muchas oportunidades para la participación familiar.

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As required by Senate Bill 1365 (87th Texas Legislature), academic accountability ratings for 2022 were limited to A, B, C, and Not Rated.

Accountability Rating: B

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Closing the Gaps: B

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